Monday 19th March, Remain Event attended by Caroline Stephens

This was purely a remain event, with biased speakers, that will gain wealth by staying in the EU.
As for the “little people” ( thats you and me) we will only lose. The EU is no more that a protection racket taking what it wants when it wants with no one to stop them.
Yesterday was another day with poor travelling conditions which meant that I turned up to the Remain Conference, ‘Brexit – should I stay or should I go’ ,in Central London a couple of hours after it had started (strangely armed with my ‘Say No to the EU’ hessian bag)…….. I heard the tail end of a speech by some chap who was applauding John Major and his stance on the EU.  LOL
Chuka Umunna spoke before lunch. He and I are on good terms……not.   I had met him previously in Bristol and we had it on tape that if we didn’t remain in the EU, then World War 3 would break out.  Many of the pre-Brexit events sadly were never filmed but this one was….
Anyway, No – there’s no Brexit.  He laughed off the Remain efforts prior to Brexit (after all they weren’t a patch on us Brexiteers now were they?!!).  They hadn’t been training their activists had they?!!  Now, however, Remain groups had patched up their differences/bridged the gaps and had regrouped on the Embankment in London.  After all, they had had 10 months in delaying the triggering of Article 50 to ensure that this happened successfully.  Of course we should never have sought the triggering of A50 in the first place – total madness!!

So we’re heading for the inclusion of the Customs Union by May (as in the month and by May herself?!!).  The EU Withdrawal Bill gave the Remain team much to tinker with.  He spoke about his constituents in a rather strange way…… as if they were specimens of people (they voted to Leave in the majority which is acute embarrassment for him it would appear)….Did he feel sorry for them when he visited the constituency?!!  It certainly sounded as if he was – they weren’t racist he said…..He also mentioned that Theresa May’s speech at the Tory Party Conference in October 2016 was ‘disgusting’ – his own emotive words.  Funny that because according to an interview in the New European newspaper of March 15th, May is a staunch Remainer.  Are you all getting the picture yet?!!
At 2pm Vince Cable spoke – Brexit’s non-violent civil war can be stopped.
6.15 pm – Call to EU citizens to cast your vote at the local elections!  With Gina Miller
8.15 pm The Great British Stop Brexit march 20.10.18 – Peter French.

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