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It is distressing to see how people ignore or are ignorant of the fundamentals of our world-respected UK Constitution when they are actually trying to get political organisations and politicians to honour and uphold it.

Understanding Sovereignty and our immaculate, model Constitution startshere:

In a gross act of treason, the members of parliament sought, through the 1689 Bill of Rights, to establish ‘sovereignty’ for themselves over the People and the head of state.


Magna Carta 1215 had (re-)installed Judicium Parium “for all time,” the Common Law’s mechanism by which the Sovereignty of the People is both theoretically and pragmatically established. That is, the famous Articles of Common Law (legem terræ) in the Great Charter Constitution recognised the natural and legal Sovereignty of the People.

The Articles explicitly strip government and judges of the power to punish (viz. proofs in Articles 20, 21 and 39) and extinguish arbitrary, unjust rule (tyranny). This mechanism, Judicium Parium, which underpins and defines democracy sine qua non*, is the Common Law Trial by Jury.

*Hellenic Greece of the Constitution of government by Trial by Jury received from the Athenians the defining epithet, demokratia, Democracy. See etymology, history and signification in Chapter One of DEMOCRACY DEFINED: The Manifesto ISBN 978-1-902848-26-6.

According to legem terræ* common law, it is the jurors’ duty in Trial by Jury to judge the justice of the law and every act of enforcement and acquit any persons accused under an arbitrary, unjust or apocryphal statute, regulation or prosecution. This procedure is known as Annulment by Jury**.

**It is sometimes referred to in a linguistically incompetent self-contradiction in terms as ‘jury nullification’.

*terræ is pronounced terry, the ‘æ’ as in Cæsar, seize.  Terræ is Latin for “of the land.”Legem is the accusative Latin form; lex terræ is the synonymous nominative form. Legem Terræ, the Law of the Land, categorically excludes all statutes, laws and regulations made by government, and judges’ precedents (case law; stare decisis). See Articles of Common Law and the meaning of the terms Common Law and The Law of the Land in ‘Legal Definitions Unalterable at Common Law,’ in Chapter Three of The Manifesto. (There is no relation to the much later invention of autocratic, militaristic ‘maritime law’ which is sometimes referred to as ‘the law of the sea’.)

All societies govern (rule) through their justice system. Free people and nations govern themselves through Trial by Jury (proper noun; capitalised). The 1215 Great Charter Constitution Magna Carta ordained that the duty and power to punish and set sentences are restored “in perpetuity” to the Jurors who are the judges in every cause (lawsuit) civil, criminal and fiscal.

Government justices may moderate sentences but not increase them; see that function explained in Chapter Four of The Manifesto.

Unjust laws and acts of their enforcement are crimes per se; such ‘laws’ require juries’ annulment. Those responsible for unjust laws and prosecutions require to be tried by jury for their Crimes against the People*.

*Cf. Crime against Humanity; the Nuremberg Precedent, etc.

That the “Estates”  (parliament) was de facto a single, self-interested, political power-grabbing group is shown by reading the terms of statutes which the Estates had enacted down the centuries, such as those of Attaint (which enabled judges to torture and dispossess members of juries who found Not Guilty Verdicts against the preference of the monarch or the judge); and those statutes which introduced wealth and property qualifications which excluded the greatest mass of the People from being selected and represented on Juries. Thus, the people en masse were unable to judge and annul the injustice of acquisitive statutes passed by parliament. As despotic devices devised by the “Estates,” such tragic and treasonous statutes came to include the 1689 Bill of Rights and to gestate and entrench the divisive, squalid English “class system.”


Hansard: Labour MP Peter Shore speaking in parliament in February, 1972, confesses that the institution of parliamentper se rendered itself repugnant to the revered 1215 Great Charter permanent British Constitution by passing the treasonous 1689 Bill of Rights:

Shore: “… This is a major development in the [European Economic] Communities, as a consequence of which there is a major intrusion into the sovereignty of Parliament‘. Because Parliament three centuries ago insisted on this right[through the repugnant 1689 Bill of Rights], we gradually brought the Crown and the Executive [AND THE PEOPLE] under the control of elected representatives.”


To take back our Country, We the People need to understand Sovereignty, by which we have legal, constitutional control of our own destiny. And we need to understand how the malicious 1689 Bill of Rights was de facto, an Act of enslavement of the People to MPs: it forced the monarch into Breach of the Coronation Oath; and was

anti-constitutional, illegitimate, treasonous, repugnant, void and abrogate. It contributes to the Illegality of the Status Quo.


Acquaint yourself with the attached information which, together with the contribution of the historian, lawyer and expert on the English Constitution Lysander Spooner, may be forwarded to arm other people with information which significantly reinforces Brexit and exposes traitors in parliament.


Joanna d’Oudney.

Campaign Coordinator.


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