Deportation rally 28th april

You will see from the attached Poster – entitled  “Rally – Windrush Deportations” that we have set up a Rally to be held at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, on Saturday 28th April at 1pm.  –  All the relevant details are on this Poster.

We are also sending out a “” page, in order to raise money to help people worried they do not have their papers in order and require a little financial help towards this.

We have a Parliamentary Petition in hand, demanding an Amnesty for migrants arrived in the UK since before 1983.  This is with the House of Commons at present awaiting confirmation that it complies with all necessary regulations.  This will then be available for signature to press home our concern for Commonwealth citizens who thought they were perfectly legal in the UK when they arrived, mostly during the Windrush era. Facebook page


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