No 10 stand silent over the ‘Boris tantrum’ yet totally ignore the demands from the British Public.

No 10 stand silent over the ‘Boris tantrum’ yet totally
ignore the demands from the British Public.

This List, a group of British Leave voters formed in December, urged Theresa May’s
government to listen to the “silent majority” and deliver a hard Brexit.

A petition calling for a hard Brexit
signed by 1.2 million people from
across the country, including actress
and columnist Dame Joan Collins,
was handed to Downing Street on March 19.
The petition demanded that the Government
honour the referendum result and “enact the
democratic decision of the British

“We totally understood what leaving
the EU entails; no single market, no
customs union, no European Courts of
Justice, no  EU Army (PESCO), no  transitional period, control of our  borders, regain our
fishing waters,  rebates to farmers, etc.” said The List  in their Petition.  They also demanded
that no money was to be paid to the EU and in fact, a share of the EU profits was due to the U.K.,
and that being out of the EU, in its entirety, the U.K., would be able to trade with the world,
as well as negotiating a free trade deal with the EU.

Mr. Gale, one of the members said “The mainstream media failed to mention on any of its news
programmes that this petition had been delivered, but as was seen on the news over the weekend
the Remain camp have launched a New Party with Patrick Stewart as the lead. This was covered
on all news outlets, even though only a few hundred people attended. This is proof that while the
Government has accepted the decision of the people, there are still elements within our society
which want to overturn the democratic decision with a second referendum. How they think this is
acceptable is beyond us.”

Helen Davies, The List’s founder, delivered the petition in person to Downing Street. She said:
“We delivered our Petition in March with over 1,200,000 signatures and it would make a welcome
change, as well as a balanced view, for readers to see an article from a very active Leave campaigning
group instead of the usual rhetoric.

The List believes “the Government is not listening to the majority of Leave voters, who won the
Referendum in 2016, and that Mrs. May and her Government are continuing to allow the country
to remain as a vassal state.”

In response, on behalf of Theresa May, Under Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union
Steve Baker said: “Nobody should be in any doubt that we will be leaving the EU at 11pm
on March 29, 2019. The British people voted to leave the EU and we will deliver on their instruction.

However, now, The List has started a new campaign which they say affects every British Citizen
and is as important as Brexit, if not more so.  Their aim is to get their message out to every British Citizen.

The Declaration and Authority, (which can be viewed on their web site at
www.  is open to every British Citizen to sign.
Once signed, The List intends to demand that this Declaration by the Sovereign People be contained
within our uncodified Constitution.

“This Declaration affects every British Citizen and the way in which we were taken into the EU.
It is a Breach of our Constitutional law and is illegal”, said Helen Davies, founder of The List.
“Members of Parliament are chosen by the Electorate to represent them within the House of Commons.
To decide upon internal matters of state, if the Electorate should disagree then they are able to change
Parliament at a future election date.  It is NOT within the gift of the Crown and Parliament to transfer
all or any of these powers, so delegated, to a foreign country or entity, and in doing so, externally.
This is clearly forbidden by the laws of the Constitution.”  So therefore, entering the EU without the
assent of the Electorate was both illegal and unconstitutional.

“It is now imperative that all 17.4 million who voted Leave and most of the British Public get behind this
Declaration as it affects, not only those that voted leave, but future generations.”  We cannot allow this
to ever happen again, and those responsible should be held to account” said Helen Davies. She ended by
saying, “what if this had happened during the Second World War? What if our elected representatives
decided at that time to give away or transfer the Sovereignty of the United Kingdom to a foreign entity,
without the assent of the Electorate?  It’s a very frightening thought.”

To read and sign the Declaration and the Authority upon which they rely, see The List’s website.


For further information, please contact Helen Davies at the email above.





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