Write to Melanies MP chris.leslie@parliament.uk

I’ve just emailed Melanie shaw’s MP. Please guys could you do the same
His email is…

Hello Mr Leslie,
I am writing with regard Miss Shaw, She was in court today accussed od 4 counts of arson and a sexual asault charge, she is already in prison having served two years after being found guilty of arson but there was mittigating circumstances, the neighbours shed which she set fire to were partly responsable for having her son taken away from her.
They didnt let her have defence as she was going to represent herself, they had her on video fed and oddly it broke, which seems strange to me. The judge on the case led the jury which i thought was illegal?
When you look at her life being abused in Beechwood childrens home by politicains judges etc it seems to me they are trying to silence her. All the evidence she gave mysterisly went missing.
It stands to reason she is being kept locked awy because of what she knows, the jolly boys club look after each other!
Please view attached video whitch explains better than i can.
I really hope i get a reply from you as Melanie Shaw is one of your constituants.
Many thanks for your time,
Carol McDonald


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