Public Executioner



Ref Parliament politicians and the police.


Dear Mr Bercow

I would like you to read out this letter aloud to the House of Commons on behalf of the right thinking people of this Her Majesty’s Kingdom.


It would seem our members of Parliament in both houses have completely lost the plot, if that is they ever had enough sense to understand what the plot was and is in the first place. Which I and I am far from being alone doubt. So let me take the time to explain it to you.


You were elected or selected to sit in Parliament to represent the best interests of Her Majesty’s natural born subjects, out of the kindness of our hearts we allow visitors to this ancient Kingdom and those naturalised subjects to share most of our rights and freedoms, most though not all. I would refer you to page 15 of Chitty which you will find in the House of Commons library, as to the limitations placed on naturalised subjects. These limits are major constitutional law and are placed there for good reason, I would also refer you to the 1701 Act of Settlement, the oath from the 1689 Bill of Rights, and the Prerogatives of the King by Sir Mathew Hale CJ 1713 on naturalisation, and the Commentaries on the Laws of England Sir William Blackstone 1768 on naturalization. I could explain it all to you myself but as my teacher told me pre 1960 look it up yourself that way you will remember it.


You are not above the law either individually or collectively I would refer you to Stockdale vs. Hansard 1837 and the ruling given by Patterson J giving the opinion of the other eight Judges in the case again look it up its good for your education. By preventing Her Majesty from sitting in Parliament on a regular basis, and by the removal of the Law Lords from the House of Lords the upper House is now in the same position as the House of Commons no court at all so the High Court of Parliament is now non existent. Compliments of that arch traitor Anthony Lynton Blair one time Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Parliament as a whole can now be sued in any of the ordinary courts in the land by the common man for wrongs done to him by the actions of Parliament. And the actions of Parliament have done many wrongs to the common man and our hereditary Peerage.


Our membership of the EEC/EU was and is contrary to English Common and Constitutional Law, it has overseen the destruction of our once great fishing industry and the depletion of our stocks of fish by European boats who have no legal right to fish our waters, it has seen the destruction of our farming industry so we can no longer feed ourselves forcing us to buy from France our traditional enemy. It has seen the destruction of our manufacturing industry placing hundreds of thousands out of work.


On top of this through personnel greed Parliament are starving the NHS of cash whilst Peers and MP’s pocket cash from shares in private health who receive lucrative NHS contracts, you steal our money via your expenses and the police force you have corrupted refuses to uphold the laws of this Kingdom, and put you all on trial for your many crimes. Your legalizing of homosexuality has removed a barrier so now the barrier of paedophilia is being pushed way past breaking point. You removed the death penalty now murder which was relatively rare is now an everyday occurrence, the rape and murder of women and children once a very rare occurrence is now common place. Your insistence on political correctness allows the regular insult to be levelled at Asians over the rape and prostitution of our school girls on an industrial scale when you should be screaming from the roof tops these are not Asian rapists but Islamic rapists. You have overseen the destruction of our once great police service by insisting on political correctness, so that they not only allow the rape and prostitution of our school girls but actively cover it up threatening to arrest children and parents who go to them for help.


You have Mrs May telling us Islam is a great religion when in fact it is an evil satanic death cult swimming in fourteen hundred years of blood rape and slavery. Islam has no place in this Kingdom and you should be eradicating it here and around the world. OOPS but you can’t do that because you have destroyed the ability of our police to fight ordinary crime let alone terrorism, and you have overseen the destruction of our armed forces. To the extent they can no longer defend this Kingdom on top of which you are giving them away to a greater European defence force yet another treason to hang draw and quarter you all for. And make no mistake there are so many volunteers for public executioner we would need to select by lottery and at £10 a ticket we could clear the national dept.


We have that idiot Soubry telling us we should be more like Muslims and build our communities to what end forcing our beautiful women to wear burkas or use our boys as sex objects until they are twelve or have sex slaves from our women and girls or maybe just behead every woman who has an affair or why don’t we publicly flog them for standing near a man who is not their husband. You useless shower are not fit for purpose. Cromwell was right you all need slinging out my personnel choice would be into the river Thames at high water springs. I am an Englishman not afraid to tell you to your faces all of the above and more so by all means bring me before the bar you are no court at all so can do nothing except listen and hang your heads in shame.

Submitted to be read out in both houses.



Albert Burgess

Cc Speaker of the House of Lords Norman Fowler










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