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To summarise the Rule of Law Campaign, the principal focus is:

Firstly, recognition of the 1215 Great Charter Magna Carta as comprising the single and sole legal and lawful English (and British) Constitution; the permanent supreme treaty between the people and the successive incumbent heads of state. This measure achieves Restoration of the People’s Courts of the authentic Constitutional Common Law Trial by Jury Justice System as prescribed and defined by the 1215 Great Charter Constitution for all causes, civil, criminal and fiscal; and,

Secondly, Common Law economic measures are a natural corollary to the above item for specifically proscribing the Common Law Crimes of Usury and fraudulent Fractional Reserve Lending and returning to the People (through a national government department; treasury) the duty of issuance of interest-free currency and credit to the economy (as, for example, by Presidents Jefferson, Madison and Jackson, or Lincoln’s ‘greenbacks’, Franklin’s Colonial Scrip, and in 1914, the UK’s £300 million issuance of the ‘Bradbury Pound’).

These twin causes are legislatively formulated as The Restoration Amendment. With its passing by representatives, the Constitutional Rule of Law prevails and legality is returned to the status quo. The Amendment is to be passed on its own or as an attachment to other legislation going through the House.

The Rule of Law explicitly re-establishes that no one in government is ‘above’ legem terræ, the Law of the Land Articles; no one is ‘immune’ to cost-free private prosecution (single or multiple plaintiffs) at Trial by Jury, including for the framing, passing or enforcing of legislation adjudged by jury to be inherently malicious, one- sided, partisan, and deserving Annulment by Jury.

Unpatriotic politicians, all of them, must be identified for what they are. People need to see the advantages and benefits which will accrue to the people and nation by isolating and leaving those parties who do not stand for our cherished heritage of the 1215 Great Charter of English Liberties (applicable presently to all the U.K. nations); of Trial by Jury Courts for all causes (not the ex parte trial-by-judge); of the Common Law Principle of Equal Justice, laws applying equally to all (Articles 24, 39, 40, 61, etc.).

The Restoration Amendment may be personally adopted by all men and women of whatever political persuasion. However, it is predictable that the parties in the current system will be against restoration of the Rule of Law, proving them not only to be unpatriotic and anti-democratic (against We the People) but also essentially felonious. Remember, such traitors are in breach of the Rule of Law, deserving of no respect and are due indictment for the High Crime of Treason. So, at present, we seek politically independent men and women to adopt the Rule of Law Campaign, and those who would be keen to run for parliament at coming elections.

Constitutional Trial by Jury restores interest-free national issuance of credit and currency eliminating income tax (used now for paying interest to bank-owners). This offers Remainers a spectacular reason to become Brexiters—and stop campaigning for a second referendum… Brexit proved what we are capable of, united. We must remain united to succeed. The Rule of Law Campaign offers widespread affluence which no present party-politician can deliver. We must take it upon ourselves to bring our superior culture to prominence once more; for the People to take back their natural sovereignty, common law courts, and resecure unto themselves legal Constitutional control of the Wealth of the Nation; their rightful due inheritance.

What the Rule of Law stands for:

Rule of Law declares, that ALL are equal before the Law without fear or favour and that the achievement of justice and fairness must always be of supreme importance.

Rule of Law will always seek out the provable truth wherever it takes us.

  • The Rule of Law is established through Legem Terræ, i.e., the Law of the Land Articles of Common Law inscribed into Magna Carta, the 1215 Great Charter Constitution.
  • The Common Law Constitution regulates the Rule of Law through Juries’ judgements (verdicts and sentences) in Trial by Jury.
  • The immediate restoration of the debt-free, interest-free Bradbury Pound enables the British people to benefit from debt-free and interest-free money that is created and issued by HM Treasury using a network of local and regional (public) banking facilities.
  • N.B.The above measure precludes government from needing to levy income taxes to make ‘interest payments’ to pay to the Owners of private banks, nominally for the fraudulently figmental capital ‘lent’ or created by Fractional Reserve Lending.
  • The nationally-issued money and credit are based on the Kingdom’s wealth and potential, so as to provide the liquidity needed for a happy, secure and prosperous nation.
  • The Common Law emplaces legal Prohibition of all forms of Usury and Fraud.
  • The Constitutional Common Law Trial by Jury jurisdiction is supreme for all causes, civil, criminal and fiscal, being the only legal judicature permitted in the Kingdom.
  • Trial by Jury jurisdiction applies to ALL aspects of the English judicial system.
  • Judges (convenors of trials) return to instructing jurors of their duty “to do justice”; for jurors to judge and satisfy themselves first and foremost, whether the law being enforced is just; and to annul the prosecution of an unjust law by acquitting the accused as Not Guilty (Annulment by Jury). Juries require to be made aware of their duty, procedure, right and power to use the Annulment by Jury mechanism to annul enforcement of any unjust Statutes, Acts or Regulations passed by Parliament or local government.
  • Annulment is one of the Two Ways to Equal Justice; the other being the Expunction of a Statute Mandated by the Verdict and Sentence of a Jury in the Trial by Jury following private cost-free prosecution at Trial by Jury of a government protagonist of the legislation in question (ref. textbook for explanation).
  • Ultimate protection of people from arbitrary government by recognition of the Crime of Tyranny (defined generally and at Common Law as oppressive rule administered with injustice; the cruel and arbitrary use of authority. Tyranny is a judicable crime at common law; cf. Crime against Humanity; the Nuremberg Precedent, etc.).
  • All due process is by Trial by Jury, replacing Magistrates Courts with Trial by Jury Courts.
  • An end to Family Courts where justices/judges have taken it upon themselves to act unlawfully as both judge and jury.

Rule of Law therefore demands:

  • That the Middle Temple, the Law Society and the British legal system as a whole be made more accountable, transparent and completely free from the criminal influences of the City of London and its private banking and financial system.
  • That properties, monies and other forfeitures carried out by Courts using fraudulent means on behalf of the private banking and financial sector be returned with immediate effect to their rightful owners.
  • An immediate end to the City of London’s special privileges, including the position of City Remembrancer in the House of Commons.
  • The Bank of England ends, with immediate effect, its relationship with the Bank for International Settlements and its fraudulent central banking system.
  • The Bank of England be fully absorbed into HM Treasury and thereby come under full control of our elected Parliament.
  • That Glass Steagall be implemented with immediate effect – that is, the separation of high street banking from the riskier investment banking.
  • Immediate facilitation of credit issuance interest-free through national government bank outlets for people’s mortgages, business loans, advances, etc.
  • An immediate end to Student Fees and Student Debt (free tertiary education) courtesy of the reintroduction of debt-free and interest-free credit and currency such as the “Bradbury Pound.”
  • That political parties per se be discouraged in favour of having elected independent Members of Parliament. Also an ending to the so-called ‘whipping system’ whereby Members of Parliament are bullied and coerced into voting in a particular way against their better judgement and conscience.
  • A ban on organised ‘behind the scenes’ political lobbying by large and powerful vested interests.
  • The immediate shutting down of the leadership training ‘charity’ Common Purpose along with other bogus charities which are unlawfully and treasonously undermining the well-being of the United Kingdom as a whole.
  • Police Constabularies act at all times in accordance with the 1215 English Constitution; all serving constables are educated and fully conversant with the loyalties and duties expected of them under the 1215 English Constitution and the overriding precedence of the Common Law.
  • That using the Common Law, an immediate withdrawal from the European Union is achieved by repealing the European Communities Act of 1972 which was signed by the use of provable fraud and deception.
  • An immediate public and thorough Common Law investigation into Establishment-led and institutional child abuse and paedophile rings.
  • An immediate end to the criminal process of Globalization by the secretive, unelected and unaccountable international banking and financial elite.

THE RESTORATION AMENDMENT, viz. our world-respected, revered, binding 1215 Great Charter English Constitution and its exemplary RULE OF LAW are for dutiful upholding by all conscientious, just-minded men and women of whatever party or political persuasion.


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