The People’s Revolution Party – By Carol McDonald

 The People’s Revolution Party

By Carol McDonald

Having watched the videos, (you can find them all here)

my curiosity got the better of me, with each video dropped I listened awaiting the next. I found myself getting excited at the prospect of a party that actually would listen to its members, for too long we have had our MPs and governments doing as they please, lining their own pockets at the expense of ours. Not only that but also the government involvement in the Westminster paedophile ring that they are still trying to keep quite. And with Brexit being betrayed what hope have we? This is where the people’s revolution party comes into play.

Its easy to join using paypal and sending to

Once you have joined you get your members pack emailed to you, containing the manifesto and flyers you can print or send to friends or family.

Having read the manifesto i have to say its the best ive seen, putting the people and country first and fixing  the things that are broken in our country.

The People’s Revolution Party was founded in 2017, by Thomas Parsons and Kirk Stone. The aspirations of the Parties founders were simple, to bring the Government to heel and carry out the will of the people, for too long our ‘elected representatives’ have run a-muck over the wishes of the people they claim to represent, instead pursuing self-interest and personal enrichment.


The People’s Revolution Party is run by the members of the Party through a grass-roots activist framework ofdirect democracy, its aim is simple, to give power back to the people so that they have a real say over their own lives, , to resist and overturn the corrupt political system dominated by special interests, globalists influencers and big business interest.



Definatly worth checking out, have a read of thier manifesto and see what you think,



 If we can all pull together maybe theres a chance we can bring change to the corrupt houses of parliment, after all, its our country!!



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    would it be worth sending posts/documents to volunteer proof readers to pick up,on mistakes in text and avoid turning off those who may be sensitive to this. I am sensitive to it, but appreciate workloads etc with a small team. I would volunteer to proof read, some, not all posts/documents.

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