The effects of mass immigration caused by Labour


Shocking claims Tony Blair led a mass migration conspiracy to ensure Labour’s rule

This man must be one of the most hated politicians in Britain today, ruining the country for his own personal gain. Interfering in the Brexit negotiations, to try and overturn the will of 17.4 million people and keep us in the EU.

This has ended up as a total disaster for the British, we have Housing Shortages, Hospital shortages, No appointments in the Doctor Surgeries etc etc. But What about the Countryside that is fast disappearing. The natural drainage to stop our country flooding, with everything being concreted over there is less and less drainage.

Another side affect of the migration is the effect on our natural services, gas and electric has been left with very little wriggle room. We are actually full to the brim. Water is another resource which is under pressure, you cannot make more water, what we have is what we have and that’s that.

So with our Prime minister sucking up to the Eu and allowing them to dictate for the next 2 years plus, we will still not be able to control migration. Surely its time to bring in tighter controls over illegal immigration, guard all ports and coast lines to stop this influx. Should we not use our army to guard us instead of sending them into illegal wars

( Tony Blair again)  that benefits the rich.

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