Letter to MP re-HS2

Simon Hoare MP,
House of Commons,
London SW1A 0AA
Dear Simon,
Thank you for sending me the reply you have received from the Under Secretary of State, Paul Maynard, regarding the hugely controversial, EU inspired High Speed Rail project to westward to extend fast communications within their empire.
There is of course no new thinking in this.  The Romans realised the need to fast move military might to every corner of their Empire, should there be insurrection, so built their roads we so much still admire.  Incidentally in doing so they established the width of railway tracks.  The Nazis built Autobahns the same way for the same reason as were Mussolini’s Autostrada.
As we are leaving the German dominated European Empire in the spring of 2019 we have no further need to comply with this project.
I can well appreciate Mr Maynard wishing for a further route to the north of our country, if only to relieve pressure on our existing routes whilst £38 billion is spent on improving existing lines over the next five years.  This of course reinstating the old Central Line will do at minimum cost and I see no serious study has been undertaken to reinstate this important railway, abandoned when my fellow ICI man decided motorways were the future.
As far as Mr Maynard claiming that HS2 is on time and on budget both you Simon and he should view the video which has been much circulated amongst Conservative supporters and MPs:


Other than a North Korean, multi warhead, nuclear strike on these islands.There is nothing that threatens us with disaster more than our government’s bloody minded intention to comply with the EU’s directive to build HS-2.
It is not wanted,  is unaffordable,  would never be remotely profitable,  would require an unsustainable level of subsidisation, and would destroy thousands of acres of irreplaceable :   green fields and woodland and the flora and fauna which live in them.


The video below (see link) has been made by the I.E.A. an independent and highly regarded think tank,  which some years ago when HS 2 was first mooted, produced a well researched report effectively destroying the case for it. You may like to circulate this to your regular contacts.
                                                                                                              We have just produced a short video which explains why the government should scrap HS2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TNLkaEdhz3g
On a purely political note I would suggest that if the Conservative party are hell bent on losing the next general election HS2 is a sure winner.
Yours sincerely,
W.G.G. Woodhouse


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