ARTICLE 61 OATH – by Caroline Stephens

Remember those money boxes we used to receive as children?  Change?  Wot no change!!  So now we are here with ‘Wot no Brexit’!  Now I honestly believe that God wants Brexit – pure and simple.  At the recent Prayer Day in London (8th September) for the unification of Great Britain conducted by David Hathaway, Theresa May was invited to attend.  She declined due to matters in the House!  We learned on the day that during World War 2, the nation had prayed seven times for deliverance from the enemy and seven times, we had been delivered.  God does listen to our prayers…
Fast forward to 2016 and the nation chose to ‘Brexit’.  Ten months it took our government to deliberate on the matter and eventually they invoked Article 50.  Why did it take them so long to initiate this?  Was this the honourable solution in any event? Why was another General Election sprung on the public after two years of Government in 2017?  After all, the Tories had taken seats in 2015 which they had been ‘lucky’ to win.  Strangely many people in political circles had been aware of this election at the beginning of the 2017.  Hmmm….
Many Brexiteers believe that we were taking into the EEC illegally.  The existence of Lord Kilmuir’s letter providing Ted Heath with advice in 1960 had been buried for 30 years and Ted Heath took us into the EEC in 1972 with no mandate.  To highlight the importance of this salient point, the Danish TV studios recorded an interview with me in September 2016 where I stated the illegality.  Strange then that after a flawless interview, there are cuts in the footage at the point where I made this announcement.  This was the only section of footage which was removed.
I watched the ‘pons and pans’ demonstration outside the High Court on 25th September, 2017 (footage all over Facebook), with patriots banging their ‘instruments’ very loudly.   I began to conduct some more research.
What did I discover?
In 1689, The real Bill of Rights came into being and is still in force today.  The Bill which binds Parliament states that:
no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate hath, or ought to have, any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence, or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm
So our membership of the European Union contravenes this Bill regardless of Lord Kilmuir and Ted Heath.
Now this brings me back to the beginning of this article.  I truly believe that God wants us to leave the EU Dictatorship.  Connor Wilkinson (author of referenced articles) was queried about the Christianity foundation that underpins all of this and his response is as follows:
Christianity is at the heart of British law. The constitution of the UK also complies with the 10 commandments. This is why the Monarch kisses the bible before he/she swears the coronation oath.

All together, our coat of arms contains;

a) the red border signifying the Royal Command;
b) the green cross symbolizing true, peaceful Christianity;
c) the tablets of the Ten Commandments, representing God’s law;
d) the crown of a sovereign to uphold the law;
e) the symbol of the hand of living men, pledging allegiance to the barons’ committee as commanded in Article 61;
f) the Article 61 of the 1215 Magna Carta, bearing the Royal seal;
the multi-ethnic handshake showing that the Royal Command is to “all those of our land”, and that race makes no difference.
So – Where do we go from here?  In 2001, Article 61 came into being. People can now draw up their own Article 61 Oath – sign, date and three witnesses.  *
Once you have sworn the oath and had it witnessed by three signatories, you are now part of the second most greatest Revolution since the Glorious Revolution 1688.  So to use the words from the Vote Leave Campaign – we take back control, the journey is about to begin!  Come the Revolution!
An oath template should be distributed to everyone.  Come the Glorious Revolution.  I believe that time is running out.  With EU Military integration going ahead and all EU Law being transposed into British Law (with the Great Repeal Bill being a sham thus allowing any previous protections to be removed), no political party (new or otherwise) can solve our problems.  Here’s to a successful Revolution!


  1. Connor Wilkinson Reply

    You know, the 37th and 39th Article of Religion passed during the reign of Elizabeth I, which still has legal force, and can be seen in any book of common prayer, also says that:

    “The Queen’s Majesty . . . is not, and ought mot to be, subject to any foreign jurisdiction”

    Thank you for sharing from my site, we all appreciate it very much.

    1. carol Post author Reply

      Thank you Connor, you have a great site. If you ever want to share anything we are here to help. if you would also like to write for us that would be great to. We need to get the word out to everyone.

  2. Connor Wilkinson Reply

    You know, the 37th and 39th Articles of Religion passed during the reign of Elizabeth I, which still has legal force, and can be seen in any book of common prayer, also says that “The Queen’s Majesty is not . . . and ought not to be, subject to any foreign jurisdiction.”

    Thank you for the share, it does a great deal of help

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