A WARNING against David Starkey, who on BBC channel 2 this evening [Tuesday] hopes to portray Luther’s Reformation as similar to the terrorist revolutions we know today. This is a vile travesty of history, designed to unProtestantize Britain. We all know that after the FORMATION of the Church came its DEFORMATION under Popery, then its REFORMATION through Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, Knox, Cranmer and others. The blurb advertising the programme fails to state that IN EVERY CASE the murderers were Papists, seeking to exterminate the Protestants. Witness the slaughter of the Albigeneses, the Waldenses, the Cathars, the Huguenots and the British martyrs, to name no more.  Only yesterday I read that Popery is now about the strongest religious body in Scotland.  Call your readers to PROTEST vigorously against this perverter of historical truth, so bland and persuasive in manner.   Rev Dr John M Brentnall

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