Ignorance and Apathy – just what the Bankers ordered!- by Justin Walker

To all public-sector workers, students, pensioners, members of the police and armed services – austerity is nothing but a complete and utter lie and you are all being scammed by the bankers and their ‘useful idiot’ politicians in Parliament. Please read the provable truth about money creation and money supply and let’s stop this madness and get back to real prosperity.

If you randomly asked one hundred people in the street if they knew what the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) was all about, probably not one of them could give you an answer. The same applies for the 1914 Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound and what that was all about. When it comes to knowledge about money creation and money supply, the levels of ignorance and disinterest displayed by our general population are truly appalling, especially amongst our elected servants in Parliament who should know better.

It is this collective lack of knowledge and growing apathy and helplessness that allows a tiny number of unelected and unaccountable very powerful people to decide just how much or, more accurately, just how little money the world has to spend. And when the privately controlled central banking system and the private financial institutions do create money, they do so by completely creating it out of thin air as debt – if we, the ordinary people, did this it would be tantamount to committing the simple Common Law offence of fraud and we could expect to be spending some considerable time at Her Majesty’s pleasure!

Now, there is a simple and common sense business axiom that business and manufacturing can only really flourish when the people and their democratically elected government have a decent amount of money to spend. If the liquidity is there, the business is there. Unfortunately, for the programmed and system-serving idiot economists, this is just far too simple – they don’t like this sort of common sense and simplicity, preferring instead to make the discipline of ‘economics’ hugely and unnecessarily complicated. Please, everyone, it just isn’t complicated, not if you harness the provable truth, history and good old-fashioned, common-sense.

So, let’s start by asking that simple question, what actually is money? Answer, it is just a convenient unit of exchange for goods and services that people have complete confidence in. That’s it! And ‘units of exchange’ throughout history have been anything from sea shells to tally sticks which were just carved pieces of wood. But the most important thing history has shown is that any sovereign nation’s government can create, issue and control all the money or liquidity it needs through its treasury (not its privately controlled central bank such as the Bank of England or the Federal Reserve) without the need to borrow ‘thin air’ debt-laden money from the private financial and banking sector. In fact, if the truth be really known, a sovereign nation’s government doesn’t even need to resort to a complex and invasive taxation system with which to tax the people for the money it needs.

Called Sovereign National Credit (or Public Credit), this treasury-created money is both debt-free and interest-free because it is simply backed by the nation’s wealth and creativity (its labour potential). This way – this provably very simple and effective way – a country can meet the needs, security and prosperity of ALL its people without having to run up a National Debt or to be at the beck and call of the criminal central bankers and their controllers at the Bank for International Settlements, which, by the way, is a privately controlled financial institution that controls sixty of the world’s central banks (including the Bank of England, the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank); it oversees over 95% of the world’s money supply; it has given itself diplomatic immunity; and all of its top level meetings in Basle, Switzerland are completely secret…and hardly anyone in Britain has ever heard of this organisation or understands what it does! Our collective ignorance is creating appalling misery, stress and cutbacks in our country and we’ve only ourselves to blame.

So, let’s now turn to the Bradbury Pound. In 1914, at the outbreak of the First World War, the Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound saved the Bank of England and the City of London from ruinous financial collapse just when the nation was at its most vulnerable whilst mobilising for total war. And, just as with the BIS, hardly anyone knows about this crucial episode in our history! This was money (in one pound treasury notes and ten shilling treasury notes) that was created by HM Treasury (this fiscal measure today is known by them as M0) and it is debt-free and interest-free as it is based purely on the wealth and potential of the British nation. Instead of a run on the banks as people panicked to withdraw their gold (Britain was on the gold standard then), everyone accepted immediately this new money and there was absolutely no sign of any damaging inflation.

The Bradbury Pound worked brilliantly well and we could have fought the First World War without incurring any debt at all – but our politicians, who were (and are today, courtesy of the City Remembrancer) in bed with the City of London, reversed this common-sense way to fund our war effort and went back to borrowing debt-laden ‘fresh air’ money from the private bankers. As a result, the criminal bankers made their killing out of the killing on the Western Front and our national debt went up from £650 million pounds in 1914 to £7,500 million pounds in 1919. Why did David Lloyd George, the Chancellor of the Exchequer in 1914 before becoming Prime Minster, phase out this common sense and extremely effective way to fund the war? Perhaps Dan Snow, the ever-popular TV historian, who is also the great, great grandson of David Lloyd George, can give us an answer because nobody else can!

The horrendous truth is that it is only our appalling and collective ignorance that allows austerity cutbacks and financial hardship to happen! And in case you think that we would suffer from inflation, or even hyper-inflation, by restoring the debt-free and interest-free Treasury Bradbury Pound, the government would simply retire money when appropriate to constrain any inflationary pressures…it’s not rocket science, and it’s all been done before very successfully indeed until, that is, the usury practicing private bankers intervened and ‘persuaded’ the politicians to do otherwise.

Today, Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell are both fully aware of the Bradbury Pound along with its enormous implications (https://www.parliament.uk/edm/2013-14/748) but are currently being badly advised by system-serving economists, some of whom, such as the people working for the New Economics Foundation and Positive Money, refuse point blank to promote the restoration of the Bradbury Pound or even to investigate the Bank for International Settlements and the whole debt-creating central banking system.

Indeed, when you look at the City of London as a whole, you realise very quickly that the leading and major part of the much-heralded financial services industry – the industry that our political class has so much faith in and likes to promote as a success story for ‘UK plc’ – is just built around lies, deception, entrapment and simple fraud. It also holds back and frustrates real business, manufacturing and trade whilst denying the British people the chance to experience a truly prosperous and debt-free economy that will work without needing a complex and invasive taxation system.

Just think what the incredible effects would be from the return of the Treasury Bradbury Pound: we will have a prosperous and debt-free economy that actually caters for all of the needs of the NHS; for the weak and vulnerable in our society; for our debt-laden students; for our farmers; for the protection of our environment; and for our police and armed services. We would have a government able to protect and enhance all of our strategic and defence industries whilst, at the same time, being able to offer interest-free loans to encourage entrepreneurs across the age range to set up their own businesses.

So, the burning question we should all be asking is: why, when we could immediately restore the Bradbury Pound, do we allow this debt-laden, fraudulent and invasive financial system of unfettered corporate greed to have any sort of control over us? The answer is very simple – we don’t have to! But to move away from this insanity, we first have to end the appalling ignorance about money creation and money supply if we are to have any chance at all of mobilising the apathetic British people into taking action. The nation’s battle-cry should be: “Austerity is a lie – refuse to comply!”



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