CATALONIA 2017 – by Bob Lomas

Inevitable and predictable. Should you be in any doubt, I suggest you read ‘Fascist Europe Rising by Rodney Atkinson’ 2001.  USBN09525110 4 5  Catalonia today, where else in Europe tomorrow?  Why else should there be Europol when we have Interpol and why the ever standing aim for a European army when we have the UN peace keeping force?
When I put forward my vision of tanks being transported westward on HS2 some thought I was simply fantasizing but how many people recognised the true intent for the Autobahns in the 1930s as they spread their tentacles eastwards?  The government knows but has not disclosed the fact that the EU has openly discussed the use of HS Rail being utilised for military purposes on the grounds that it is stronger than traditional rail networks. What military use would require a stronger rail? One is reminded of the fast Roman roads radiating out to the far distant outskirts of the Empire, their primary purpose to speed military forces to any area where insurrection might occur.
The British people don’t need, want or can afford HS2 yet our traitorous politicians continue to drive hard for it hoping they can complete it or at least start it before they are eventually forced to obey the people’s demand to complete Brexit.
Whist the former Axis powers that created the EU continue to consolidate their long standing territorial ambitions, the incredulous self indulgent mass bury their heads in the proverbial sand.
The few far sighted learned people who understand what is taking place, scholars such as Rodney Atkinson and the late Col Harry Beckhough, WW II code breaker at Bletchley Park who wrote ‘Germany’s Fourth Reich’ are ignored by a generation that has deliberately been kept in ignorance of history and led to believe it couldn’t possibly happen again.
Those few of us left that clearly remember what happened between 1939 and 1945, a devastating conflict which developed a little over twenty years after the Great War understand that what goes around comes around, simply because the human condition is constant and unchanging.
Shortly after VE Day my mother was reading the newspapers in which were pictures of German cities raised virtually to the ground. My father, a veteran of the major battles of the Great War,  in passing briefly looked at the pictures and commented, ‘they will soon be back and as determined as ever’, words that came back to me when I first read about the European Coal and Steele Community which unsurprisingly swiftly moved on to the EU. In the 1930s we had in our Parliament cowards and appeasers, fortunately there were also those of sterner stuff, unfortunately such stalwarts do not seem to exist in that place today. 
Bob Lomas.

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