“Subject”: Judicial Review Claim No: CO/4310/2017 Re: VOID ECA1972-copy and send

On the 20th of September 2017 a folder containing 5000 documents was handed to, and accepted by, THE ROYAL COURTS of JUSTICE in LONDON.
These documents clearly state, and shows evidence, that we can VOID not repeal the European Communities Act of 1972, therefore we need not negotiate, nor pay any divorce bill, and Article 50 wasn’t required.
Shortly after being accepted at the court, it was served (collected) and is now sitting on the BREXIT MINISTERS desk.
David Davis has two courses of action: agree with it and hand it back to the court for them to give their ruling, or contest it and go against the will of the people. If Mr Davis says he isn’t contesting it, it will be up to the 11 Supreme Court Judges to decide the case. We are trusting Mr Davis will be behind us!
These documents are the key and get out clause that all Brexiteers have been waiting for, and will sever all ties and commitments with the European Union.
He has to respond within 21 days, so I am asking you to email him and bring as much awareness to the fact that you know he has these documents in his possession, and we can then see the governments position on Democracy before we have our court date. The more attention we can bring to this, the more chance we have in getting an honest and fair hearing.
After all the law is the law.
PLEASE email Mr Davis. His email address is: dexeu.correspondence@cabinetoffice.gov.uk.
Or david.davis.mp@parliament.uk
Copy and paste the letter below
“Subject: Judicial Review Claim No: CO/4310/2017 Re: VOID ECA1972


Dear Mr Davis
I am bringing to your attention that you, as Brexit Secretary, have a Judicial Review, as above, on your desk. This has been accepted, signed and sealed by the High Court. This clearly shows our membership of the eu is VOID. 
As a Brexiteer we EXPECT you to stand behind us, the 17.4 MILLION people who voted in a majority for brexit. We are a Constitutional Law Group (Open Source Law). You MUST let this Judicial Review go through Court. I am trusting you will get behind us in this.
Yours sincerely”


Subject: Judicial Review Claim CO/4310/2017 RE VOID EC Act 1972




You will be aware that David Davis  has received the above Judicial Review, which has been accepted, signed and sealed by the High Court. I urge you not to impede the process of that JR in any way, bearing in mind the following.


1. The British people have NEVER voted for the independence of Parliament to be handed over to a foreign entity.


2. The 1972 EC Act ran counter to our Constitutional Law, which makes it unlawful.


3. Lord Kilmuir advised that the1972 European Communities Act (ECA) posed a direct threat to the independence of Parliament.


4. MPs failed to keep their Oath to the Crown, when the Queen was made an EU citizen, through the Maastricht Treaty.


5. Any MP who tries to frustrate the removal of the U.K. from ECJ jurisdiction will be failing in their duty to uphold our Constitutional Law and their Oath.


They would indeed be guilty of conspiracy to treason under the Act of Praemuire 1377 which is extant law.


So I look forward to hearing that the High Court will not be impeded in its Judicial Review, on the very valid reasons for striking down the 1972 EC Act.


Many thanks for taking the time to read this.


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