EU Military integration – corruption

EU Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation) is a step towards an EU military: 2/
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He was rebuked by pro-EU speakers for being so candid, but Merkel has similarly said PESCO is the path towards EU goal of Common Defence 3/

PESCO means collective assets/finance/decisions, making defence a growing function of the EU for states taking part 4/
It might seem incredible exiting UK would be in it but MOD has already proposed entry into PESCO’s central pillars. 5/
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The EU Council president, describing PESCO ahead of the next week’s meeting, says he expects all 28 inc UK to join. 7/

EU’s Mogherini hailed June’s PESCO launch decision ‘at 28’, and cited the central status of the EU Defence Fund. 8/

The MOD incredibly refuses to rule out joining PESCO, despite its merging of structure, command, assets, financing. 9/

PESCO and wider military union is part of EU foreign policy or ‘Global Strategy’ and is therefore led by Mogherini 10/

Mogherini is also EU Commission Vice Pres, EU High Representative and head of the European Defence Agency, though… 11/

…Barnier also compiled PESCO plans as Juncker’s defence advisor. Juncker aide Selmayr (right) had a crucial role… 12/

liaising with Merkel’s chief of staff Altmaier and Merkel ally Brok whose UEF movement conceived PESCO 15yrs ago. 13/

The PM offered the EU defence relationship ‘closer than a 3rd country’. In EU doctrine, 2nd country status means… 14/

…subscribing to a carefully-defined set of provisions. Only Norway is currently in this category. Like the UK, it’s already in policy… 15/

…pillars that support PESCO: EU Defence Fund, EDRP, EDA, EDIDP and a commitment to joint assets and decisions. 16/

Although PESCO is outlined in Lisbon Treaty (and protocols), the specific architecture has been kept secret by EU Commission and Council 17/

UK ministers + diplomats can’t disclose details of next week’s PESCO meeting, not even to UK MPs left in the dark. 18/
And so these tweets go on…..I believe this is the document from June, 2015
You see running down national defences makes perfect sense when the end goal is EU military unification.  It’s as if we are on a conveyor belt we can’t get off!!
Until the British public realise that there is no official opposition to the Establishment…..and we have to think of an alternative…..
There are no debates scheduled on PESCO for this week and this is a huge problem.  MPs and parliamentary schedule people don’t understand the urgency or that it’s a risk for the UK.

There are MPs who have recently become concerned about PESCO and the promised entry into European Defence Fund who are taking forward questions in committee and smaller debates THIS week…..So now is the time for a dialogue with our MPs….I think this time is called ‘The Enlightenment’!!  Didn’t that proceed the French Revolution?!!



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