Days of Prayer for Britain

Days of Prayer for Britain
Dear Prayer Partner

Following our day of Prayer in the Emmanuel Centre on September 8th the messages coming in have been very positive and most of those attending were extremely touched by the worship and prayer.

However, as I had anticipated, we do not yet have the desired answers. We prayed for our Prime Minister, her position is still very serious; we prayed for clarity over Brexit, the situation is even more serious; we prayed over our nation, and there is no repentance either in the nation or our National Churches.

The Rape of Europe on YouTube

But do not be discouraged – Israel did not enter the Promised Land without a fight! The 40-day journey took 40 years because of a lack of faith by the leaders. Of the 12 spies, only two had the faith to go forward, ten held back, and as a result, the Israeli people wandered in a wilderness for 40 years!

We shall not win this fight for our nation if we accept defeat. Our Scriptures do not offer us a path of ease, comfort and relaxation, but a long walk with an uphill climb and a fight to overcome and reach the top. Sadly, some fall by the way-side. One of the saddest things as I reach this point in my somewhat eventful life, is to look back at those, not only in the UK, but also in Russia and across the mission field of my ministry, who have fallen by the way-side.

To paraphrase Paul, I am still fighting the fight, still keeping the faith and have not yet finished my course! Spiritual warfare and intercession are not for the faint hearted! In fact we need to be reminded of Paul who, speaking of what he knew of the original ‘marathon’, said, there are many runners but only one wins the prize!

We must continue in prayer! In company with Pastor Dennis Greenidge and Roy & Brenda Taylor, I am convinced that we must have another Day of Prayer. Even I admit that, after more than 70 years, I am still learning how to pray! Some complain that God has not answered their prayers – and give up just before God would have answered them! There is one major issue over which I have been praying for exactly 25 years – I’m still waiting for the answer – and it will come, because God has spoken!

We need to pray for our Prime Minister, only God can give her what she needs in this critical hour. If not, the nation will stumble and be open to all manner of evil. Any replacement for her could be an unbeliever who will not trust God to answer. Also, it is becoming more obvious through elections in the other EU countries, that there is growing unease about the future direction of these unelected ‘masters’ who will control our politics, and eventually our minds and bodies. The chip will soon be thrust on us in the cashless society and the mind boggles at the thought of control by the fast coming ‘artificial intelligence’ (A.I.).

We are being driven to desperate prayer – I feel certain that we need to plan another Prayer Day – a coming together before God – with a desperate cry for help. We are planning, but cannot at this moment say where or when. Help us O Lord!

MY Note – The video is particularly interesting at the end when you learn that Satan’s seat is in Berlin (Museum)

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