EU Military Unification

EU Military Unification – First few minutes
UK Column from 16th October, 2017  – Brexit is covered in the first few minutes – NO MORE THAN 10 MINUTES so please watch and make notes!
Including this link:
Permanent Structured Cooperation on defence could be launched by end 2017

For more:
The Czechs are joining….
So assuming that this deal becomes done and dusted by the end of this week…..We  surely can’t be getting any meaningful Brexit!!!  To hand over our national forces in (possible) exchange for the Single Market…..What does that say about human life?   There is no parliamentary debate scheduled for this week….You can forget talking about Islamisation, British Values and anything else.  This is that serious and we appear to be in a dictatorship now!!
Today’s UK Column Features EU Military Unification – first half an hour
Please keep sharing…..This is the agenda for the meeting which includes PESCO……  BREXIT IS A LOAD OF NONSENSE!!!! Where is the legal challenge?  We now need to share this with our MPs for sure.  There is no time to lose.  Anybody interested in producing a flyer for the public?  Has there been a discussion in parliament about this?  NO!!!!
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 A CRIMINAL CABAL NOW RUNNING THE UK.  FOREIGN TROOPS COULD BE ON THE GROUND IN MONTHS  – which military officer will say no to Brussels…….

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