What’s The Point? of knowing what is wrong and rejecting it – By Thelma Parker

What’s The Point? of knowing what is wrong and rejecting it




I don’t ask this question lightly! It certainly doesn’t mean that you should stop campaigning for change in many of the issues that concern us in our world today. It certainly doesn’t mean that you should just give up and “let the world go on its own sweet way” taking the resigned stance that “what will happen, will happen anyway”.


There are many professing to be Christians who take this attitude over our involvement with the European Union. They consider it “prophesied” and therefore there’s nothing to be done about it – especially from them!


This is not the opinion I have ever taken. In my twenties I subscribed to the Freedom Association’s regular publication The Free Nation. I think my first political letter was to Michael Foot regarding concerns for religious freedom in the advent of the closed shop. The verbiage of his reply convinced me it was necessary to be suspicious of politicians! My finest hour (!) was being invited to the plush office of one of the directors of London Transport where I spoke against the closed shop principle, and that professional engineers (with whom I worked) had better things to do at the end of each day than to attend endless Union meetings!


So having stated my case, what do I mean by asking,” What is the Point?”? I will tell you frankly, for it lies very heavily on my heart. I have carried this burden ever since I began being much more involved in alternative politics and media, and attending meetings and conferences…


If you have observed and discerned the wrong in our society; if you see the corruption in government, courts,

banks, corporations and the media with both eyes open; if you are prepared to sacrifice your spare time and energy to educate yourself and to promote the knowledge of these things to as many as possible through blogs and websites and private meetings…


If you have done all these things then WHAT IS THE POINT when at the end you finish up in the Same Lake of Fire as all those people whose lies, deceit, corruption and evil you abhorred?


For the hard Fact is, There will be a Settlement – a Judgment. Life as we know it in this world – the sun rising and setting, the weather changes, births and deaths, the daily round of ordinary things, the rumours and the realities, the wars and conflicts, the decisions of leaders which harm or help, the charities, and the powers through which money flows and debt increases, whatever makes up the familiar world we live in – will come to an end.


There will be a dividing of the “sheep” and the “goats”. You, with your keen discernment of right and wrong, you with your detesting of lies and of the abuse of others, you consider yourself among the “sheep”, don’t you? Those who you read about and learn of their power to influence, harass, dominate and oppress, they are the “goats”, aren’t they. They deserve this Lake of Fire, if it exists.


That would be your judgment, and those like-minded with you would say the same. But the Judgment is not meted out by men! Not by any man! Because no man would have the right to say, “I am good, but you, you deserve the Lake of Fire”!

For, in a few words, “All have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. Mankind was made in the image of God – we have heads and shoulders, eyes and ears, hand s and feet; made in the same Image! Adam had power over all creation, to tend it, maintain it. Of course he lost that when he submitted to his wife’s offer of the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. They became very vulnerable; they had lost that Glory. Disobedience severed the link they had with their Creator, Friend and Mentor. It was already like falling through space from Heaven into Hell!


But the same God who had personally formed them individually – the man from the dust; the woman from his rib – immediately agreed to a very special Covenant with God upon the Throne. He was from that point in effect, “the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world”. Unbelief is the foundation stone of this world’s system. Every single person who is outside the fold of the Lamb is in this dark place of unbelief, regardless of how “good” that person tries to be. It would be in his or her own strength, own opinion, and way off and way below the standard of the Glory of God.


Nevertheless, right there in that pit of darkness and despair appeared the Hope which runs throughout the whole Bible – the true love story of Agape Love – the Love that gives and gives and gives and gives… without consideration to itself (Himself). Knowledge of, and Fellowship with, that Risen and Exalted Agape Love in the Person of the Lamb, the Lord Jesus Christ, brings forth the Hope of Eternal Life and exemption from the Punishments of the Judgments.


If everyone who calls a spade a spade with reference to the scheming tactics and behaviour of politicians, bankers, corporate bosses, judges, and social manipulators was humble enough to give allegiance to

this prodigal Love and, in good old Pentecostal language “got saved”, then there would be no need to ask anyone again, “What’s the Point?” for everyone would have got the Point!


Each one would be glad to confess that the Righteousness and the Honesty and love for the Truth and Justice which burns within them are the attributes of God Himself, the Triune God. And that He has made a Way for them to escape the Final Destination of fallen (sinful) mankind – the Lake of Fire.


They would all rejoice that they have opened their eyes and ears to the Message of the True and Living God as well as discerning “fake news” and the abuse of power of governments and rulers. And they would see clearly why those things existed – the same unbelief which formerly was in their hearts.


The Message is One, and the Way is One. The Message is contained in the Written Word of God; the Way is the Person of Jesus Christ, God manifest in the flesh – God; He does not have a human nature! (From where is it supposed to come from, if He did, I would like to ask?!)


From the Cross, the Lord Jesus Christ cried, “It is finished!” His Covenant with God on the Throne was fulfilled. All transgressions, iniquities, and sins issuing from a fallen human nature were expunged – blotted out from the written charges against us. The Blood that He shed was the Price He paid to God to legally free us from those charges. His Resurrection ratified the transaction forever; alive on God’s right hand, He can ensure the results of His Eternal Work!


We, as absolved from the consequences of those charges against us, are counted as free from sin; clean, and, by

exercising our faith in what the Lamb has done, justified before a Holy God.


Furthermore, His agreement with God on the Throne to behave before Him as though He were a Son and to fully obey His Word was fulfilled. In taking the Lamb as our Sacrifice and enjoying the freedom of being completely absolved from all offences, we are taking the whole fulfilled Word of God into our new life. As a child of God, we follow the First-born from the dead into God’s Kingdom and become a member of His new restored Family!


In addition, in returning to Heaven after His Work of Salvation was done, He was able to commission the Holy Spirit to continue God’s new relationship with mankind. Sent as Another Comforter, the Holy Spirit was to seal the true believer into God’s Kingdom, illuminate his mind to understand the Word of God, form the Image of Christ within, distribute spiritual gifts in the building of the true Church, and to focus the true believer on Christ and His Coming Again (the Rapture; the first resurrection).


These are the essential and basic things to ensure a personal relationship with God and a safe place to live for Eternity!


Firstly, it is necessary to be born again. You ought to repent of living all your life without the Lord Jesus when He has already saved you from your sins. Then as you receive the Word of God as the only vehicle of truth for your Salvation in Christ, the Holy Spirit will adopt you into God’s Family.


Second, you ought to be baptised by immersion in water, as an outward profession that you have died in Christ to your old worthless life and have risen again with Christ to live and serve Him forever.

Then, you should wait upon the Lord, seeking Him with all your heart for the Baptism of the Holy Spirit – which John the Baptist spoke of as a necessary part of Christ’s Ministry. The illumination, the confidence, and the reality of the Gospel living in you will be the power for you to serve Him truthfully.


As you steadfastly walk in the Light and walk in the Spirit, filling your life with the Word of God, you will know that the Next Event on God’s Agenda is to send out the Lord Jesus to collect His own and bring them up before His Throne. The Holy Spirit will bring them up from the graves (asleep) and from the earth (alive) to meet Christ in the air. New bodies; new clothes!!


From that time, the world will continue without the restraint of the Holy Spirit until the “New World Order” of men is formed, out of which will rise the “man of sin”, the “vile person” who at the Start of the Day of the Lord, when the Lamb opens the First Seal of the book, will become the Antichrist as Satan enters into him to rule and reign for a further 42 months. These are the days of Plagues, and Punishments such as has not been known since the world began! Terror will come upon all who have rejected the Lamb. All who die will go into Hell until the second resurrection, the second death resulting in the Lake of Fire. This is a place of utter darkness, torment, in fire yet not consumed for Eternity. This is the price for ignoring or rejecting God’s Most Precious Gift, the Lord Jesus Christ.


This is the Plan; this is the Order of things to come. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a false teacher; a false prophet to be avoided! May you be truly blessed in taking hold of Life in the Lord Jesus, and may you wear a crown in Eternity with me!!



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