Review current SRE. Remove damaging material prematurely sexualizing children.

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Petition to: The Rt Hon Justine Greening MP – Secretary of State for Education

We call on Government urgently to review current SRE policy and to remove damaging material prematurely and unhealthily sexualizing children from as young as 5 years old, providing information they can neither understand nor process for themselves.

Current Sex and Relationships Education policy is damaging children.  Evidence of damage was provided by a recent Panorama report, which revealed data from 38 of the 43 police forces of England and Wales showing 30,000 reports of child-on-child sexual assault in the last four years, marking a 71% increase. The report further revealed that 2,625 offences – with 225 alleged rapes – occurred on school premises, including primary school playgrounds, while reports of sexual offences by children aged 10 and under went from 204 in 2013-14 to 456 in 2016-17 (…).

A generation – even a decade – ago, such shocking reports were virtually unknown, yet now children as young as five are being recorded as sexually assaulting their peers. It is time to acknowledge that they are being prematurely and unhealthily ‘sexualised’, not just by social and cultural pressures via television and media, but by the education programmes ostensibly designed for their protection in schools. These programmes, far from protecting them, have become a vehicle for indoctrination into the rebranded immorality and promiscuity so enthusiastically being pushed by certain adults and pressure groups with the power and determination to influence policy.

The figures demonstrate that children can neither assimilate nor cope with the sexual laissez-faire being promoted by adults wanting to legitimise their own personal inclinations and promiscuity.

Rather, children need to be taught true respect – first for themselves, and then for others. And, as a part of that, they need to be able to identify perversions, and taught how to avoid them.

We therefore call on Government:

  • To ban the use of detailed and explicit materials in sex education
  • For the delivery of all approved teaching to be accompanied by comprehensive health warnings of the dangers attaching to sexual practices and behaviours carrying a risk to health.
  • For young people to be taught the benefit of ‘self-restraint’, so that they may have the space and freedom to develop safely and in their own time, protected from the unhealthy and sometimes unsavoury excesses of certain adult desires.
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