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Dear Mr/Mrs. …………
As my constituency Member of Parliament, I would like to draw your attention to the PESCO (EU Military Integration) talks that took place between our government and the other 27 EU states on 19th October, 2017.
1)  The relevant EU Document is:
2) To date, despite a subsequent parliamentary discussion on 23rd October and one arranged by the Defence Committee on 25th October with Johnny Mercer MP grilling Michael Fallon MP, nobody has yet mentioned the PESCO talks.  The media is also strangely silent on the issue. Why?
3)  The British people have now established an e-petition using the Change.org website.
I understand that if our Government hands over confirmation of their approval of PESCO military integration by the end of November, 2017 our military forces will fall into ‘foreign hands’.  The matter can then not be overturned until we revert back to our Common Law.
I would urge you to undertake a thorough investigation of this matter and then I would like to meet with you to discuss further.
Kind regards

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  1. Una Goff Reply

    Dear Mr Loughton .

    I know you are very busy , And i thank you for all the hard work you do on our behalf . But i would like to ask you about this situation and what is proposed , I feel it’s very wrong to commit our whole Armed forces to the E.U If any at all , Plus if any situation crops up that we need them for defence here at home would we get our own forces ?? Or could they be from anywhere , any country ? But what would happen if we get some from a country we could possibly be in conflict with ! ? , I feel each Country should keep their own forces in their countries at home , I don’t know what you feel about this but i would sooner we kept our own forces and Not join the E.U in a combined one ,

    I know i Probably won’t get a personal reply but i hope you could post one for all ,
    As i know you are busy with lots to do .

    Many Thanks Una Goff

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