ct and ALL European Treaties were voided on the 23rd of March 2001, but you didn’t realise.

From Denounce the Deception UK

Left to Right: Ashley Mote, Malcolm Wood, Lord Ashbourne (Signing) and Greg Lance-Watkins

Did you know that the EEC ‘Act’ and ALL European Treaties were voided on the 23rd of March 2001 when Article 61 came back into force? Not only this, but foreign authority is illegal in Britain. We were never in the-then “common market” or the EU to begin with.

Article 61 (or the Enforcement Clause of the British people’s constitution), which was also used during the start of the Glorious Revolution in 1688, has not been revoked since it’s invocation in 2001. It is still in full legal force today, sixteen years later, but the (un)establishment has been covering it up.

Article 61 was invoked because a quorum of, originally, eighty plus peers, seen in 2000, the anti-constitutional threats which the Nice Treaty posed on the British peoples constitution. They did the right thing and followed protocol in defense of the realm acting in strict accordance with British constitutional law and legally deposed the Crown by forming a constitutional Barons’ committee.

The recent referendum only aided and abetted a deposed (un)establishment administration, and “Brexit” is being used as a tool to, by stealth, hand over the UK Armed Forces to Brussels without any parliamentary process or debate whatsoever.

This means that all EU law has been null and void for sixteen years. However most of the public do not know this. Instead of the invocation of Article 61 being front page news at the time, which it should have been, it was buried in the newspaper in small print.

It has been legal for the people, according to constitutional law (Article 61), to “distress and distrain” the treasonous regime “in all ways” ever since it’s triggering since 2001.

You were illegally made an EU Citizen in 1992. And so was the Queen!

Until you swear the Article 61 Oath to defend YOUR constitution, customs and independence, you tacitly accept the status of an EU Citizen. Not only this, but whoever does not swear the Oath, at this time, is an outlaw who may be made to take the Oath “by command” by those who are lawfully engaged in diffidatio.

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  1. sheilaL stokesgoogle Reply

    Shock, horror, disbelief disgust. !!!….. Where is all the money which they have taken from us illegally and when will it be repaid to us ????? I suggest , immediately. Guess it’s all tied up in their investment plans !!!

  2. Karen Welsby Reply

    After reading your item about Article 61, just what can an ordinary British citizen do about this. Can we demand that our prime minister takes us out of the EU immediately with no divorce bill or penalties? A large number of the people of Great Britain are getting frustrated by our governments inaction on leaving the EU and seem to be giving in to all their demands.
    What would the consequences be of us just saying we are leaving and just do it?

  3. R Elaine Lines Reply

    What are you saying, that this group of barons have taken over the rights and priveges of the Queen? This will never do! Or are you merely saying that Britain has never legally been part of the EU, and therefore a “divorce” is unnecessary? In keeping with this theory, what evidence do you have that later agreements between Britain & the EU have not supplanted this article 61. Please clarify. Thank you.

  4. Michael Heath Reply

    How can this possibly happen. I’ve been blaming Ted Heath and
    Blair all the time. Let’s just walk away because in the end we will be stronger for beeps of reasons

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