Our schools are doing a great job – of keeping kids ignorant about Islam.  In recent years, a growing focus of my concern has been the staggering ignorance of millions of young Americans when it comes to certain fundamental and crucially important matters. One of those matters is the evil of Communism: just the other day came news of a report showing that roughly half of young Americans would prefer to live under that system, a clear indication that their history teachers have entirely misinformed them on the topic.  They don’t know that Islam means submission.  They either don’t know the word jihad… They don’t know about the caliphate.  I’m blaming their teachers, all up and down the line, who have failed in their duty to enlighten them about a topic that is, yes, very touchy but from which our society cannot afford to turn away in silence. A free nation whose adult generation regards Islam with a combination of self-censorship, self-deception, and sheer ignorance will not be free for long.

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