The news about PESCO is coming in ‘thick and fast’.  Boris Johnson attended the Brussels meeting said yesterday but allegedly didn’t hand over our Armed Forces (!!)  though the door is open for us to do so at ANY TIME.  Denmark ensured that they could not be bamboozled but we did not!! Watch this space…We will not hear the end of the matter…..As Ian 
Anyway, from small acorns, large oak trees grow……..We’re waking a few more people up (educating them) and holding the government’s feet to the fire at the same time!! That was always our intention….This is playing the long game and the devil is in the detail…In more ways than one……Certainly our combined efforts have really made a huge impact on the Establishment.  Don’t ever think otherwise!  Don’t be down heartened by their dastardly deeds…however reading Richard’s Blog * you might feel so!
To recap on the story so far (as they say)
I met Dave Ellis of Strategic Defence/UK Column  on 4th October, 2016.  He had been working with the top brass of the Military whilst I’d been on the Leave trail with LeaveEU/Vote Leave.  Our paths had never crossed until then.  UK Column had covered the depletion of our military forces for a very long time now.  They of all people must surely have felt the true experience of ‘wandering in the wilderness’….
2nd October, 2017 – Chris Watkin and I went to Manchester. I attended the V4B event to see Julian Thompson and Richard Kemp.  Secret talks with various people followed.  Sorry can’t tell you about this!!!  I could see however that there was a bit of an Establishment cover up going on here!!
15th October – our active campaign began with Carol Hellier.  Judy Moore is also ‘conscripted’!!  Writing to lots and lots of MPs – education, education, education….ruffling lots and lots of feathers….Chris establishes the e-petition – great way of engaging Jo Public cheaply!!!
4th November – Gerard Batten and Alan Blumenthal go on the offensive with Bill Cash MP and Andrew Rosindell MP.  (Cool)  I sit quietly in the wings after receiving appropriate advice to do so. ….Shock, horror!!  
7th November – morning article in UKIP Daily – thanks to Viv for this!  It generated lots of UKIP interest.
7th November – Andrew Rosindell MP is now well-placed now to ask pertinent questions of the panel trying to bamboozle us into joining the EU Defence Unit (their obtuse answers are shocking).
7th November – Bolton/UKIP now mention that they intend to actively campaign about this.  Campaign starting 16th November. Please can someone advise me as to what the plans are?
8th November – Nigel appears on LBC talking about our Campaign!!  Thanks for the recognition Nigel!! LOL Simultaneously I’m talking to an MP from the 1922 Backbench committee based here in the South West.  ‘No we’re not joining Caroline’ he says….not at the minute I now realise….
13th November – Boris arrives in Brussels, refuses to mention PESCO and more than 20 countries join.
Whoo! Hoo!!   Let’s take a look at the ‘posthumous’ coverage…….
EU members agree to establish new military union
23 countries from the 28-member European Union (EU) have signed a pact to fund and develop a new military union, an idea that the United Kingdom….
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EU takes Step towards…
Sent: 13/11/2017 13:40:12 GMT Standard Time
Subj: Strategy to replace May with Corbyn?… Strategic Europe

If Theresa May’s government falls and Jeremy Corbyn becomes the UK’s next prime minister, he could face a binary choice between hard Brexit or no Brexit at all..
By: Peter Jon Kellner  journalist, former BBC Newsnight reporter, political commentator, and former president of the YouGov opinion polling organisation in the United Kingdom. He is known for his appearances on TV, especially at election times.
Peter Kellner is the husband of Baroness[?]Catherine Margaret Ashton, Baroness Ashton of UphollandGCMGPC  Labour politician who served as the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and First Vice President of the European Commission in the Barroso Commission from 2009 to 2014…Privy Council.
THE POWER OF UNITING FORCES AND JOINTLY CAMPAIGNING…..Look at this!!  We are all united in our love of the UK AND WE ARE UNITED BECAUSE OF THIS EMAIL SYSTEM. The system that the other side loves to hate!!  In case anything should happen to this system please remember that we have a backup plan…
Firstly thanks to UK Column for (yesterday’s) 13th November’s show talking about #PESCOGATE:
Thanks to Connor for this poll.

POLL: Do you agree with the EU Military Unification of British Armed Forces?

November 12, 2017 Connor Wilkinson Treason 6


Do YOU agree to the stealthy EU Military takeover and “unification” of the UK Armed Forces despite “Brexit” and with no debate nor public approval?

My thanks to Baron Bodissey for this:

PESCO and a Brief Look at the Machinations of the EU Neo-Fascist State

We’ve posted in the past about a Europe-wide militarized police force called EUGENDFOR (see here and here). The following investigation by Seneca III concerns a new military concordance in Europe in which the armed forces of member states will be subordinate to a centralized command structure.

My thanks to Robert for this:

Quietly, without most people noticing, the European Commission is moving ahead with a strategy that will arguably make the EU into the first fully operational model of a centralised ‘one state’ supranational authority: ‘A New World Order’; the longstanding neoconservative ambition which lies at the heart of global secret society agendas and US geopolitical hegemony.

The key ingredient of this strategy is the establishment of an ‘EU Treasury’ which, according to Donald Tusk, President of the EU Council, will come into effect in June 2018, under the official title: European Monetary Fund. This will result in the single point control of all EU member state finances.

The plan will involve a further leveraging of the power of the major banks, to consolidate their controlling influence over EU affairs. By combining an ‘EU Treasury’ and a consolidation of banking power, a major step will be taken in the ‘amalgamation of everything’ heist; to be brought under the single umbrella of a Totalitarian Super State. We are talking about individual country’s monetary policies; the military; police forces and intelligence services all being run from a central control unit in Brussels. These will be followed by more of the same – covering almost all areas of administrative control, that were once the domain of individual countries.

The institution at the forefront of this power grab is the Bank for International Settlements, based in Basel, Switzerland, which has global outreach and acts as a funnel for the acquisition and distribution of vast sums of globally fluid international money.

The Bank of International Settlements was established by approximately eight thousand hedge fund managers with a common ambition to rule the world. The majority are Luciferians working with what, in another essay, I have called ‘anti-life’ energies. They inform the World Bank and the IMF how much money supply will be available from year to year and what the spending parameters will be.

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This morning the Defence Ministers of the EU28 (including Rt Hon Gavin Williamson MP, Theresa May’s newest Cabinet Minister and an arch-Remainer) are gathering in Brussels.
The EU’s Defence Ministers are meeting to agree the final arrangements for PESCO – Permanent Structured Cooperation. This is an EU euphemism for pooling defence forces of as many EU countries as possible.
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My thanks to Dave Robinson for this:
Good evening friends and family……

I would like to share with you ‘the lawful rebellion movement’ as I have seen it grow, and where we are today.

Since 2014 the movement has grown in numbers and has a number of members who have successfully defended themselves against the regime and, remained true to themselves and British Law.

Those pioneering friends and family have been thorough with their processes and fervent with the truth, all just evidenced facts.

In 2014 the Glastonbury chapter of the movement did a lot to prove the credibility of article 61’s invocation.

After putting fliers through the entire town (and some of the neighbouring towns) letter box’s, also creating video’s for specialised candidates like the clergy and solicitors and, whilst putting the mayor and the town councillors plus the police on Notice of Article 61’s invocation.

The town hall was also seized under duress and protest successfully after the councillors (nor the police) would inform the people where they stand with regard to Article 61’s invocation. The fact that the treasonous treaty of Nice was also due to take away another 43 areas of authority over Britain on November 1st 2014 was also a big part of the reason the action was taken.

The local so called “law courts” were taken on and beaten by the movement every time by successfully prevented summonses; fines; even charges being brought against the growing of hemp by the Yeovil magistrates cops and CPS, which the corrupt cops claimed were cannabis BTW; a warrant of arrest for a 7 day committal order to prison for contempt of the county “court” and, later in 2016 the crown court also backed off from attempting to enforce their orders on a land owner, all for providing the undeniable evidence that Magna Carta 1215 Article 61 is in effect and that they can either sod off or provide us with absolute evidence of them aiding and abetting high treason.

One of the most important successes that were had was against HMRC. They even returned fine monies already paid for not filling in a tax return form for a few years, the return was £1700,00 and, they quashed a further £1250.00 fine being demanded. Processes that were used are within the back of the ‘layman’s guide to lawful rebellion and practical application of the common law’.

Things went a bit quiet for the movement for a while, bailiffs and process servers didn’t show up, corporations kept on with their demands by post but usually handed the matter back to the councils or the so called courts when they couldn’t deal with it safely.

The group faded to barely 3 members on a good week, whilst the rest of the country remained seemingly uninformed, or many argued that the way to deal with the regime was to grant their criminal Acts and Statutes legitimacy by using them, claiming to stand under common law whilst not fully observing the common law tenet of Article 61 whilst ignoring the proof of Article 61’s validity that was provided time and time again.

The movement grew on facebook however, because some of the more intelligent people did join the movement and use the constitution successfully also….the crunch came when Ollie Pinnock was attested by the treasonous Southend police constabulary. All Ollie did was demand to see proof that it was legal to pay council tax whilst Article 61 is in effect. Although 60 – 70 group members sent supporting Notices for Ollie’s challenge on council tax, and phoned the custody desk constantly throughout the day after his arrest, they proceeded to put him in front of a video link to the fake court and denied him any of his evidence or defence. This was the first time public (so called) servants committed ‘aiding and abetting high treason’ against the movement.

Due to lack of enthusiasm or capability very few people could, or did attend the gathering outside of Southend corporate policy station that evening. Ollie was forced under extreme duress and protest to hand over the cash or else!!…the ‘or else’ was to be sentenced to 25 days in prison (kidnapped and held hostage).

Since there comes a time where paperwork can achieve little, except to still cause distress and to collect evidence against the traitors amongst us, and to continue to stave off quite a few infractions against corporate rules, the movement is evolving into a more active one since ‘they’ have upped the ante therefore so must the movement.

The lawful rebellion data base is crammed with the evidence of many seditious and treasonous persons but there is still nowhere to get remedy because first we need to reassert the constitution within the judiciary and of course the police. The police are the ones not doing their job, not following the evidenced truth, they are our front line, soon to be joined more blatantly by G4S.

The constitution is vital for the survival of all of our god given rights and freedoms and ancient customs, it provides us all equally with protection against travesties of justice and there are many severe instances happening right now.

Melanie Shaw has been kept in solitary confinement for well over a year, no real evidence of crime against her except that she has tried to report people for paedophilia.

Anne Richardson is still denied her £50K from the corrupt North Wales corporate courts, her mother was denied her rights to food and water whilst in hospital in order to steal her house when she passed away, which is what happened.

David Robotham has jailed for 18 months for growing SIX cannabis plants for his own use, after fighting off cancer and depression. They were not happy with that outrageous sentence, he was not charged with supply even, they have now stolen his house and demand £30K for so called “proceeds of crime”…..that is deemed unconstitutional also in two ways, firstly because this is clearly a case of double jeopardy and because he couldn’t prove that cheques he had cashed in his bank account were for wages over a period of 5 years, which came to like £17K.

The corporate scheming bastards have seized his house after he put it up for sale to pay their demands under duress, since he is threatened with another 9 months in prison if he doesn’t cough up. They have a no bail warrant out on him and the policy enforcers have been banging doors to find him….FOR DOING NOTHING MORE THAN GROWING SIX PLANTS FOR HIS OWN USE.

Cruel and unusual punishment is coming to a policy enforcement station near you. HOW MUCH MORE ARE WE PREPARED TO TAKE?

One of the most annoying things that I see constantly (because I do check peoples profiles, especially if they state that the movement is failing or whatever) is that people are not promoting this remedy enough….. how do we expect the unaware population to find out if YOU don’t promote it hmmm?

Around 1000 years of our ancestors strife for peace and true justice is being allowed to go to the dogs by we the people. Millions of people have dies protecting our rights to self governance over many centuries and most people are sleepwalking into a nightmare of their own making….lest we forget? Where is the backbone of Britain now? How bad do things have to get before YOU say enough is enough?

The constitution of a once ‘Great’ Britain is being trampled into the dirt whilst we watch them do it ratchet by ratchet and it HAS TO STOP!

The constitution is thus designed to put a stop to this treason, which is why the ONLY legal thing that YOU can do today is to stand under the constitution in order to protect it and YOUR rights. Article 61 is a MANDATORY LAW,,,the only option is to ignore it and aid and abet the treason by doing so. YOU/WE have LAWFUL EXCUSE to distress the regime, especially the police and the non courts. It is dishonourable as well as criminal to deny the constitutional law, and that my friends is the bottom line here.

Soon they will use EU arrest warrants under the EU constitution (Lisbon Treaty) which Treason May will bring into British law she threatens, which is high treason and, she will destroy Britain’s capability of self defence by embroiling the military under the EU’s control, again high treason. Britain ceases to exist as a sovereign nation without its own armed forces.

If you want to live a long and happy life then help us defend British sovereignty. Lobby the Bobby and educate everyone that there is still a peaceful solution to over 100 years of treason on Britain but, we are going to run out of time soon. You will be forced to do what you are told to do or else!….if you are happy to be a corporate slave then ignore this post, but please don’t complain when they give you no choice but to take vaccinations and accept ……


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  1. Richard Barker Reply

    Thanks for the ‘Mayday’ plug Carol but, rather being disheartened, this is an alert to those readers of my blog who are Christian intercessors and in the prophetic community, to continue taking a stand. Thus, it’s only one of dozens of posts conveying what’s on God’s heart for our nation to be unshackled from the EU.

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