We need to pause here in order to fully grasp the implications of these manoeuvrings. What is being pushed through, with very few being aware, is a major redistribution of military and geopolitical power within Europe – and beyond.  In effect, the US, Britain, France and Germany (NATO) will pull back from doing the ongoing dirty work of ‘poking the Russian bear’ – in an attempt to provoke it (Russia) into an act of serious aggression – passing this job on to Poland, whose citizens have been fully primed for this task by an endless stream of government anti-Russian propaganda.  This is strategic. The longstanding objective has been to implicate Russia in a serious act of aggression which would, in turn, provide the alibi for Western command forces to be put on what would be seen as a ‘legitimate’ permanent war-footing’ with the Russian Federation. The objective being to break-up and destroy the Russian Federation’s unity and coherence and to expand Western hegemonic power and control ever further east: a key step in the further imposition of A New World Order.  It is vital to realise that all this is happening without any consultation or communication with citizens – who are being coldly manipulated to act as cannon fodder to the warmongering ambitions of a small minority of tyrannical power brokers.

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