Military Unification and the Destruction of our Sovereignty

This is something that is close to my heart, having come from a family that has fought in WW2, and my Partner having fought in the Falklands conflict plus many other places, i have watched the demise of our Military.
I never really understood why troops were sent into battle with insufficient equipment or indeed fight in a war that was illegal, but having listened to people that have studied and taken time to ask questions i feel i have learnt more than i would like.
It really hit home with the recent Military Unification, with MP’s denying it was going to happen but the EU proudly promoting it you have to look closer to see its been on the cards for some years now.
Have you noticed all our equipment is now made in Europe, have you noticed the erosion of our armed forces, joining units, making them smaller. We now have a military that cannot function on its own, if the Falklands was to happen tomorrow we could not defend the people there.
General Sir Richard Barrons has warned of the catastrophic dangers Britain now faces with weakened capability, telling a committee in Parliament that “defence is close to breaking” and that the domestic terror threat was now huge. Sir Richard said: “We now live in an age where people who are not on our side have capability that they could…inflict on the UK homeland at short notice which we can’t deal with.  He went on: “We aren’t living in the comfortable waters of the 1990s and we have not yet addressed that.

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