T​his is the template email that I now intend to use to communicate WITH ALL OUR MPs.  I trust that you will join me and endeavour to do something similar.  The battle has just started….George Soros has ‘spread’ his finances between different NGOs – no political party agenda.  I refuse to stand by whilst our M’Ps hand over our Armed Forces to a Foreign Power.  WE MUST SIMILARLY ADOPT A NON PARTISAN AGENDA – WE FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE.
Dear (MP)
You will no doubt have been made aware that Boris Johnson attended the PESCO meeting on Monday 13th November in Brussels.  All our MPs had assured the #PESCOGATE Campaign that our UK Government had no intentions of signing us up to the EU Defence Unit.
23 (and possibly soon to be 24 if the Irish decision goes ahead as ‘planned’) EU Member states have now joined a common Defence Unit prior to a legally binding agreement to be signed on 11th December.  As I understand it, Boris was present at the PESCO meeting to discuss Iran but presumably PESCO plans were also on the table?
The UK is the EU’s top military ‘spender’ and is no. 2 in the world in terms of nuclear capability. Monday’s agreement allows ‘third states’ to join at a later date provided they are ‘top notch’ yet apparently they will have no say in future discussions.  It is widely reported that Boris agrees for the UK to agree in support of such a scheme.  ‘We are there, like a flying buttress to support the Cathedral’ he was reported as saying.
What does Boris mean by making such a bold statement?  Does he possess the ‘supreme’ power to allow the UK to take us into such an arrangement?  Vote Leave and the Brexiteers voted to ‘Take Back Control’ and regain our sovereignty but Is this possible when we become unwitting ‘third states’ without any parliamentary debate?  To hand over our country’s military capabilities is tantamount to #Treason.
Finally, you may ask as to what is NATO’s role in this?  Well it seems that NATO would be more than happy for all EU member states to join (which is contrary to the ‘message’ that the various support groups and MSM were previously propagating).
So I ask you as a servant of the people, this must not be allowed to happen.  There needs to be clear instruction now on this matter.
It was clear from observing comments made to the Brexit Committee meeting on 7th November to include Andrew Rosindell MP and Mike Gapes MP that the EU really want us to be included in this ‘EU Army’ which will eventually lead to the full integration of our armed forces including procurement services.
Time is short with a deadline of 11th December.  Please be advised that we are part of an active campaign and all responses (and non responses)  are logged.
Many thanks

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