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Dear Members – apologies for the length of this post – but I have decided to wade in on the Boris Johnson vs Theresa May argument in all the papers at the moment.

Having read an overview of what Boris has sad – I have to say I agree with Boris wholeheartedly.

And my reasons for doing so I give below:-


Firstly I have long lost faith with Theresa May and no longer believe a word she speaks. I loved her 12 point plan at the start of the year and thought right, at last all the talking will stop and we shall start negotiating and putting the result of the referendum into action.

May doesn’t trigger Article 50 for another 3 full months and as soon as she has triggered Article 50 she calls a snap election immediately after doing so on the next day after repeatedly saying on numerous occasions that she wouldn’t be calling a snap election. What was her game plan as that now appears extremely flawed. All that proved was Theresa May CANNOT be trusted to do anything at all.

And, Theresa May, on being re-elected to lead the country but losing her majority – fills her Cabinet with many more politicians who voted to Remain than politicians who voted to leave the EU. It doesn’t fill me with a lot of confidence.

I have also noted how often Theresa May knocks Boris Johnson in public and ridicules him in public – and will always remember her first Tory Conference as Leader of the party who mocked Boris who was in the audience at the time. She clearly views him as a threat to treat a colleague in such a manner. For an un-elected Prime Minister to behave like that, in my humble opinion, makes me question her suitability for high office. We all know how she snubbed Boris Johnson when he was Mayor of London and she was Home Secretary by knocking back the water cannon he had bought in Germany and had already been paid for. Talk about wasting tax payers money – and add to that the fact Theresa May had a poor record as our Home Secretary – should have been a warning sign of how she would perform in the top job as leader of this country. We also all know that Boris is no saint and has his own faults as we all do – no one is perfect. But one thing you cannot take away from Boris is his high intelligence and his rapport with many members of the voting public.

We obviously all know that Vote Leave won the referendum (talk about stating the obvious) with a slim 4% majority – in voting figures was over a million more people voting to leave – but the most significant statistic coming from these figures was the voting turnout – some 73% of the population – the highest ever vote in any election since records began – now that statistic alone should be the relevant statistic – and not the Remainers war cry of “it was only a slim victory for the Leave team”. Had the voting turnout been 50% or less then maybe, you may say the losers in the referendum had a valid point – but when voter turnout is the highest ever – I am sorry – Remain lost – end of story.

We are very fortunate in the UK to have people living here of all cultures, religions and from all walks of life – and is a wonderful melting pot of different cultures where we all get along well and peacefully live our lives. Wonderful – but this has knock on effects – and there can never be too much of a good thing or you can use the well-worn cliché that all good things must come to an end.

There is a severe knock on effect of open door migration and the sheer numbers coming to Britain due to high unemployment in other European cities and yet Britain seems to be booming with very low unemployment. Britain is only a small Island that cannot accommodate the whole of Europe and give work to all of Europe at the expense of our own – the sheer volume of people here has meant that the NHS can’t cope with the sheer influx – and all areas of the NHS are worn down with lengthy waiting times and long hospital waiting lists. Schools and GPs being oversubscribed and not enough housing for everyone and not being able to build houses fast enough to accommodate everyone – clearly something HAS to give.

Leavers wanted sovereignty to return to the UK and not have un-elected faceless politicians with the power do tell us what we do. There are many other reasons too that are too numerous to go into here but I hope you at least are getting the gist of what I am saying. But even more important is NONE of us voted to be a member of the EU – we voted to join the EEC – and the EEC only. The world has changed massively since those days – I know that is stating the obvious but it is true.

David Cameron on giving us the Referendum date as he honoured his 2015 election manifesto – promised us all that a majority of just 1 vote would be honoured by his government and that the result will be fully honoured and acted upon. Cameron stated that if we voted to leave – he would then trigger Article 50 on the following day – no qualms about it at all.

Of course in reality Cameron couldn’t deal with the result of the referendum – his nightmare vision had been the result and decided to step down rather than trigger Article 50 – so already pushing our leaving further back.

It was clear that any future leader going forward had to be a politician from the Vote Leave team – Andrea Leadsom was the last candidate standing against Theresa May after Boris Johnson was forced to cancel his leadership bid at the last minute. Leadsom stated before she herself stood down – that her first task as Prime Minister would be to trigger Article 50. May became leader unopposed and the rest, as they say, is history. But as Home Secretary the one thing we all knew about Theresa May was her indecisive personality on important decisions – she even referred to herself during the referendum debate periods as the “reluctant remainer” – though she was thought previously to backing the Remain side on the referendum to hold anti EU beliefs. There in a nutshell is our conundrum of Theresa May!!!!

May wants to do right by everyone and for everyone to be happy with what she does – but that can never happen when enacting on a referendum result like this EU referendum was. In a war – the winner takes all the spoils and the losers have to put up and shut up and accept the consequences of losing and of rebuilding their country after the loss with a lot of help from the winning side in accepting they have lost the war. Whatever policies/practices Theresa May and her government put in place now and in the future – would never satisfy the Remainers – but the way Theresa May is going about her business is well and truly alienating the Vote Leave winning side of things.


My first thoughts on hearing the latest arguments and divisions within the Conservative party over Brexit was that the way Theresa May was leading us into a deal with the inflexible EU – that there will have been no winners so what was the point of last year’s referendum?

The victorious Leavers, on the whole, are very unhappy about the transition period idea – just to satisfy the City of London business criteria. So we voted leave but, hang on a minute, we will leave the EU but not immediately. We hand the EU a say on when we leave the bloc. And on top of that they are demanding a multi billion divorce pay out. How does this equate to a clean EXIT on an agreed date in the not too distant future? Also where are the legal documents claiming we are duty bound to pay them a divorce fee when we leave the bloc? There are no legal documents that were signed stating this. YES we obviously pay in full what we are legally entitled to pay them – no qualms about that – we must meet our obligations – but not a penny more!!!

And of course the losing Stronger In party are very unhappy because they lost the Referendum and are now (according to them) forcibly being made to leave the EU and in particular, the single market. It really doesn’t matter what concessions Theresa May now gives for people who wanted to remain in the EU – whatever concessions she tries to give them – Remainers will never be happy – they will always demand more and the more you give them the more they will demand.

Consequently the more that is taken away from the historic Vote Leave victory – the more unhappy leavers will be in compromising on how we leave the EU. So no one is happy — no winners only losers!!! This needs to stop and stop very soon.

The UK Government can carry on behaving in this manner for years to come – with both us and the EU in limbo – while this to-ing and fro-ing continues and the longer sensible decisions are not reached. This is not a game and we are playing with peoples’ lives and livelihoods here whilst Theresa May and her negotiating team keep the limbo state in action.
I fully understand why I hear many politicians both in this country and abroad state the UK will never leave the EU – because if we carry on as we are – then no we will never leave the EU.

The UK negotiating team MUST put their foot down now – softly softly isn’t getting us anywhere. We need hard core negotiations to take place and if we can’t come to a mutual positive arrangement then we DO need to walk away without a deal.

I know that may seem like suicide and should of course, be the last resort – but the EU cannot dictate to us on how we leave the EU and dictate the terms in which we do so. We are NOT dictating terms at all – we are trying to reach a mutually beneficial agreement with no penalty mult-billion payout.

It is not beneficial for either the EU or us to walk away without a mutually acceptable deal on the table – the EU need us more than we need the EU – and if Theresa May has enough balls and confidence to act on her threat that “no deal is better than a bad deal” – then no deal it is – no ifs, no buts, but a no deal.

We then quit the EU immediately including all their agencies and any dealings with then be via the WTO standards until such a time that the EU is willing to see sense and renegotiate our trading positions on a mutually benefit deal.

I am fully with Boris Johnson on these matters and that will not change – and I hope Theresa May grows some balls and demonstrate she can be a very difficult woman to negotiate with.

And I end by saying I hope we will all soon be put out of our misery and find out how and when we finally leave the EU.



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