EU Super-state Agrees to Plan for EU Military – #PESCOGATE


EU Super-state Agrees to Plan for EU Military

Written by  Alex Newman

With the United Kingdom set to “Brexit” the European Union, globalists in Brussels are on the move to further centralize control. After years of lying and demonizing those who pointed out the end game of so-called trade agreements as “fear-mongers” and “conspiracy theorists,” the European Union superstate has unveiled a formal plan to integrate the armed forces of its formerly sovereign member states into a full-blown EU military. A handful of nations have so far resisted the scheme. But while tone-deaf globalists march onward toward the total obliteration of self-government and the nation-state, even globalism-friendly analysts suspect the peoples of Europe may be on the verge of rising up. The EU military, dubbed a “Defense Union,” could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

As with everything involving the EU’s never-ending quest to usurp and centralize all power, top EU officials deliberately tried to make the issue sound as confusing and complicated as possible. For instance, the scheme to gradually turn over all military forces to self-appointed transnational authorities is being marketed as the “Permanent Structured Cooperation on Defence,” or PESCO. But in plain English, a deal worked out last week will accelerate the process of turning the militaries of the European continent’s once-free nations into the coercive arm of a transnational super-state that operates beyond the control of voters or national governments. Welcome to what globalists refer to as the New World Order


In official statements, various organizations of the EU super-state, a structure that multiple analysts have said shares key similarities with the governance of the Soviet Union, admitted what was going on. “The aim is to jointly develop defence capabilities and make them available for EU military operations,” the EU’s “External Action Service” declared in a “fact sheet” about the scheme, without giving more details on what sort of “EU military operations” were being envisioned. “This will thus enhance the EU’s capacity as an international security partner, also contributing to protection of Europeans.”

While the publicly articulated mission of the EU’s emerging military remains vague and deliberately opaque, “protection of Europeans” is not likely high on the real agenda. But some clues as to the real purpose have been offered in recent years. As The New Americanreported last year, for example, the EU was openly celebrating the creation of armed forces under its control that are to be charged with putting down protests and civil unrest, raiding “illegal” political meetings, propping up foreign governments, and even confiscating weapons. African and Islamic forces were incorporated into the scheming, official documents and EU propaganda videos showed.  

Realizing that the quickest way to smash all remaining vestiges of sovereignty was to allow some groups of EU member regimes to forge ahead — and allow others to catch up later, but never back out — the rulers of the super-state decided to take the same approach on “defense.” And so, for now, 23 EU member governments have signed on to the scheme under provisions of the “Treaty on European Union” that permits such regimes. The national governments that did not join include those in Denmark, Ireland, Malta, Portugal, and the United Kingdom. With the U.K. government expected to leave the EU soon, despite efforts by globalist operatives in London and Brussels to sabotage Brexit, that is understandable. There are hints that the U.K. may be roped in, anyway. Other EU members are expected to join the EU military scheme soon.

The EU’s “High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy,” Federica Mogherini, celebrated the scheme. “After so many years, finally the provision of the Lisbon Treaty establishing the possibility for EU member states to have a Permanent Structured Cooperation on Defence, today it’s going to be initiated,” she declared ahead of the signing, adding that more than 50 projects had already been proposed for the EU military in the “field of operations” and “field of capabilities.” The new scheme, she added, will be the “news of the day.”

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