CETA An  article from France (translated for you)

An  article from France (translated for you)
CETA: democracy must choose, not markets Twitter Facebook CETA, the EU-Canada free trade agreement, has long been denounced by environmentalists and environmental NGOs in Europe and Canada because of its terrible consequences for the environment and local development of the environment. the economy. Since September, even experts mandated by the government have agreed with the anti-CETA saying “hazardous” the economic benefit of the agreement and highlighting its unfavorable for the environment. While France has just adopted a project to ban the exploitation of hydrocarbons on its territory, CETA promotes the importation of highly polluting hydrocarbons such as oil sands, whose exploitation would be encouraged. A way to give a clean image on its territory to better destroy the remote environment that is not rational or responsible: the climate knows no borders and ecological damage there will have repercussions here.French agriculture is already suffering from international imports and pressure from major retailers. While the urgency is to help farmers make the transition to produce better locally and live decently from their work, CETA favors massive importation, like a stab in the back of French agriculture. Canadian agricultural products are more harmful to the environment and health: animal meal, antibiotics, GMOs, pesticides … Canadian standards are at best less demanding than in Europe, and at worst nonexistent. A double French betrayal, therefore. After the Paris Climate Agreement, after the fine speeches at COP23, the government continues to communicate green to better support environmental destruction strategies in fact. Investor protection and private sector gains take precedence over protecting the environment and consumers: an inconceivable reversal of priorities. CETA, imposed by force, has still not been democratically ratified by national parliaments. EELV asks the government to live up to what it preaches in its speeches and to open a democratic procedure of consultation of the French population on the necessity of this agreement. Once again, as COP23 mobilizes in Bonn, Europe Ecology – The Greens calls on the President of the Republic to abandon the provisional application of CETA and calls for the abandonment of the treaty. The environment deserves better than rhetoric: the 6th massive extinction of species, the deadly increase in hurricane intensity, climate refugees are a reality we can not hide. Europe Ecology – The Greens supports the rallies against CETA which take place everywhere in France this Saturday, November 18th and calls the greatest number to Julien Bayou and Sandra Regol, national spokespersons The list of mobilizations throughout France is available at: www.collectifstoptafta.org/actu/article/le-18-november-national-mobilization-day-on-the-ceta

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This is most interesting taken from LinkedIn over the weekend.  I also LISTENED to Campbell-Bannerman at the Conference together with a UKIP MEP. Why are people who are supposed to protect us not standing up against this deal!!!!
This is the ‘trade deal’ effective since September, 2017 provisionally……..

CETAis a new trade agreement between the EU and Canada.

It makes it easier to export goods and services, benefitting people and businesses in both the EU and Canada.

On 21 September 2017 CETA entered into force provisionally. As such most of the agreement now applies.

National parliaments in EU countries – and in some cases regional ones too – will then need to approve CETA before it can take full effect.


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