Just in case anyone (mistakenly thought that we were getting Brexit, Richard has kindly compiled a list of ‘non Brexit’ items thus far:

1) parliament passed the 2015 Referendum Act, handing responsibility for the decision to the people

2) the government promised to “implement what the people decide”

3) Cameron promised on live television to Faisal Islam that we would leave immediately if we voted Leave

4) instead he resigned (post referendum betrayal 1)

5) the party then installed a Remainer PM via apparent black ops (betrayal 2)

6) the Woolaston Vote Leave defection illustrates that at least one mole was organised well in advance, so why not others?

7) May immediately announced a delay of nine months, a formal invitation to develop evasive strategies (betrayal 3)

8) High Court and then Supreme Court cases were unnecessarily lost, re-inserting the parliament into the process so that it could take back the responsibility it had handed over to the people (betrayals 4 & 5)

9) since the referendum several commitments have been made to join the EU army (betrayals 6+)

10) government has committed to combined ‘security’ which will include intelligence and policing, possibly the European Arrest Warrant (betrayal 7)

11) government has committed to £18 billion and subsequently £45 billion bung to EU, not required by any law or treaty clause, just so that trade negotiations can begin (betrayals 8 & 9)

12) government has agreed to ‘transitional period’ of unknown length (‘about’ 2 years, but deliberately vague and extendible) with subordination to ECJ and new EU law very likely (betrayal 10)

13) all the while the civil service has not been required or inclined to prepare for real Brexit (betrayal 11)

14) BBC has been allowed to ignore terms of its charter by campaigning for betrayal all day every day on every channel (betrayal 12)

15) candidate selection rules were broken by over-reaching Candidate Committee so that 58% of new Tory 2017 candidates were anti-Brexit, thus boosting number of anti-brexit Tory MPs (betrayal 13)

16) majority of cabinet anti-Brexit (betrayal 14)

17) serious pro-Brexit candidates like JRM left on back benches (betrayal 15)

18) key posts like Home Office, Chancellor reserved for strong anti-Brexit MPs (betrayal 16)

19) premature promotion of anti-Brexit rookies like Gavin Williamson (betrayal 17)

20) tolerance of anti-Brexit campaigning by Soubry etc and plotting with Barnier even during efforts to negotiate, by Ken Clarke, with no effort at party discipline (betrayal 18)

21) proposal to reduce local associations’ power to select candidates, probably with a view to maintaining/inflating anti-Brexit candidate levels

I could go on but you get the picture.


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