Tony Blair’s secret memo to Alastair Campbell: My 12-point plan for stopping Brexit

Through the good offices of Austin Mitchell, BrexitCentral has been passed a memo written by former Prime Minister, Tony Blair, to his former Director of Communications, Alastair Campbell, on the subject of Brexit… 

Dear Alastair,

While commending your enthusiasm for the cause I wouldn’t want you to antagonise the British people, particularly former Labour supporters who made the mistake of voting for Brexit. Our task is more subtle. It’s to force the government to negotiate with every vested interest in this country rather than the EU, so we don’t build up anger against Europe. The aim must be to make Brexit look so difficult that government gives up rather than increases dislike of an EU which is so good for our people, even if they don’t know it.

With this in mind I suggest:

1. Pretend to accept the referendum result. No use putting it down to lies, Russian gold, or “too close to call”. The majority was bigger and clearer than what the Tories got in 2010, 2015 or 2017. People won’t like being told their votes don’t count.

2. Don’t call Brexit voters stupid, under-educated, racist or gullible. Many of them voted for me. We won’t win their votes back by abusing them.

3. Don’t defend the EU’s point of view: say they’re right to require us to jump three hurdles before they’ll talk nitty gritty, or suggest offering them bucket loads of money. As negotiations turn nasty, we can’t afford to appear to be on the other side, rather than Britain’s.
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