The EU Divorce Bill is illegal! But the so-called Government aren’t telling you about it.

  • King John attempted to surrender England to the Pope in 1213. The Roman Church wanted an annual payment of 1000 marks (£666).
  • The costs which the Roman Church wished to recieve from England were never payed because there can be no foreign authority in Britain under constitutional law to demand such a payment.

Writing in December, 1960, Lord Kilmuir spoke on this issue, saying that:

“King John’s action in surrendering England to the Pope, and ruling England as a Vassal King to Rome was illegal because England did not belong to John he only held it in trust for those who followed on. The Money the Pope was demanding as tribute was not to be paid. Because England’s Kings [and Queens] were not vassal Kings to the Pope and the money was not owed.”

The peoples Declaration of Rights 1688 which spawned the Revolution Settlement containing both the Claim and Bill of Right(s) in 1689, resonating words within the Act of Supremacy 1534, states that:

“all usurped and foreign power and authority may forever be clearly extinguished, and never used or obeyed in this realm . . . no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate shall at anytime after the last day of this session of Parliament, use, enjoy or exercise any manner of power, jurisdiction, superiority, authority, pre-eminence or privilege within this realm . . . but that henceforth the same shall be clearly abolished out of this realm, forever”


How can this payment be blocked legally?

Within Article 61, it states that anyone may take an Oath to the constitutional committee, which was formed in 2001, to “distrain amd distress” the Crown in all ways (peacefully) and that no citizen can ever be prosecuted for, or stopped from, taking the Oath.

It goes on to say:

Indeed, all those in the land who are unwilling of themselves and of their own accord to take an oath to the twenty-five barons to help them to distrain and distress [the Crown], we will make them take the oath as aforesaid at our command.”


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