GLOBALISATION – The Deception – By Caroline Stephens

I would like to share a story of my meeting a Canadian optometrist today.  In Canada there are two optometrist schools (apparently) – one speaks English and the other French so for many people there is only one school.  So…for a country as large as Canada there is only one optometrist school and there are incentives for places of higher learning to accept immigrants as opposed to the indigenous population.  So what’s the answer?  Canadians are having to study abroad.  The cost in the USA is $60k per year.  This particular optometrist came to England and because Canada is a Commonwealth country there are not the problems of obtaining the relevant documentation to study in the UK as perhaps if she had travelled from USA.  She has been paying £18k per year to study (as opposed to our £9k).  Her sister is studying law and is similarly studying in the UK.  Out of 22 students on the law course, 20 are from Canada.  Canadians are having to leave their country  (many don’t want to) because they are effectively being ‘pushed out’ in favour of ‘newcomers’.  THIS IS FACT!!!  People are being moved around the world, building large debts whilst people from Pakistan, Iran…. are being invited to countries like Canada and seemingly ousting the talents of the local population due to ‘diversity’ targets.  Can someone justify this please?  I never normally touch on this subject but unless people look at the bigger picture, we just won’t understand what is happening re. globalisation.  So you may have a child or a grandchild that complains because they can’t access the uni course they want….perhaps they are being displaced because people in other countries are being displaced…….Think of the debts being incurred too….


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