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HS2   by Bob Lomas.


When substantial amounts of our hard earned cash is at stake it pays to keep an eye as to where it is going; so, with this regard, I recommend that you watch this video about HS2. Originally estimated to cost £50 billion by government experts,

a respected independant organisation has raised that figure to a possible £114 billion, which will very adversly effect everyone in the land.


HS2 is obviously a white elephant, so what is the engine or engines driving it? When I first saw a high speed train in this country I was reminded of our Roman roads, radiating out to the far distant outskirts of the Empire; their primary purpose being to speed military forces to any area where insurrection might occur. I was also reminded of the Autobahns of the Third Reich, bearing convoys of lorry carrying tanks speeding eastwards, and I could visualise similar trainloads of tanks travelling westwards through the Cannel Tunnel; but then I have a military mind. Romantic thoughts perhaps, but based on a two thousand year old reality, and aware that when the Autobahns were built no one realised their true purpose and, not forgetting that the HS2 is a Directive of the EU, the covert resurrection of an Axis power. I am not exaggerating or scaremongering here: I am simply aware that, after a long life, by and large what goes around, comes around, simply because the human condition is constant and unchanging, as history has repeatedly proved.


History has also shown that we have had a strongly influential anti British element in Parliament since the 1930s. An element that would have capitulated in 1939 but, mercifully, failed to succeed; but ceased its chance in 1971. How else would one describe a Parliament that would surrender the nation’s sovereignty, and a thousand years of independence and self governance to a foreign power?


With widespread indignation, and resistance by the nation against HS2, clearly there must be something in it for Parliament and its cohorts, the international money oligarchs, which of course does take little imagination to work out. Despite the nation voting to be rid of totally undemocratic foreign rule, the government charged with upholding the expressed demand of the people to uphold the common aspiration, has since pledged to entrench that very foreign law into British law, as defiantly as it ignored lawful constitutional constraint when it set out to destroy the nation state.


Brexit, a term no doubt coined to sound ‘trendy’, as if marketing some domestic product, is a sham, contrived to mask the government’s covert and duplicitous dealings to covertly maintain the nation under the influence of foreign rule. But its determined refusal to address constitutional constraint, and our rule of common law, betrays its real intent.


It is now becoming obvious that the government is stalling for time, driven no doubt by the elements of the financiers, who ultimately pull the strings, and the strong possibility that, when an incredulous public see through the scam, it will herald the demise of the Conservative Party and might also bring down Parliament for its continued duplicity.  At least after forty plus years there is movement and growing national awareness, and this HS2 debacle might ultimately prove to be the battle ground the nation has long been seeking.


It took forty plus years to bring about a national referendum and, although constitutionally we are not governed by referenda, a precedent was thus created. Now is the time to demand a national referendum on HS2, and so damn the government’s outrageous arrogance, and Parliaments despotic contempt for the nation state.


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5 Reasons to Scrap HS2


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