Even for a politician with a penchant for bare faced hypocrisy, yesterday’s effort from Nicola Sturgeon took the biscuit. Her demand for a cross-party effort to thwart a “reckless UK Government from driving the whole country over a cliff edge” was literally breathtaking.  Here was a politician, who only 18 months ago had charged her civil servants to draw up plans to break up Britain after the EU referendum result. Yet here she was calling for Unionists to join her to stop a hard Brexit.  Ms Sturgeon is nothing but a by-stander.  It is she [Ruth Davidson] and not Nicola Sturgeon who’s backing of Theresa May’s bid to see off the hard-line Brexiteers in her cabinet that might well prove decisive. An outcome that’s being described by Tory insiders as a “soft-to-medium” British exit from the EU, rather than the hard Brexit favoured by the likes of Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, is now believed to be on the cards.  This would see the whole of the UK and not just Northern Ireland accepting a regulatory framework that would accede to EU rules on some issues.

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