The first part of the show is regarding Theresa May’s ‘dirty deal’.  We’ve been working extremely hard this week – what we’ve arrived at is an improvement?!! LOL

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Finally some more people are beginning to wake up and smell the coffee.
Staying with PESCOGATE and Ireland joining (there’s a big powwow on today 11th December if you recall)

The idea of PESCO is firmly rooted in Articles 42 and 46 of the Lisbon treaty, which require member states to make troops available and to commit to consistently upgrading military capabilities….
Deputy Durkan referred to the need to respect our military and the Army and to invest more money. That is for sure. We should pay them a decent wage, for God’s sake. Army personnel had to take a 24-hour event outside the Houses of the Oireachtas recently to ensure families could earn enough to live properly in this country. We should absolutely pay them more, but there is no need to go down the route of massive militarisation to achieve that goal.

Response includes:

The world in which we live is a different place now compared to ten or even five years ago. The formal launch of PESCO takes place next Monday, 11 December. It is crucial that Ireland moves forward in tandem with our fellow EU member states and plays its part in helping to address the complex challenges facing the Union and its citizens.

For more:
Check out the short video in the article (only a minute or so) suggesting that all the countries will save money – economies of scale.  Yet you will find that the countries will all be required to pay greater amounts….imagine a central army – won’t they all need to be paid from the same ‘pot of cash’ and hence the treasury.  
I don’t think that I’ve circulated this before

BREXIT – Charles Moore – Daily Telegraph – 9th December, 2017
The smoke is now settling and we can all see  a little more clearly, now.
Frankly, I could weep. This is a complete sell out to the Remainers and an attempt by the political class to ignore the electorate.
It is a classic EU text book operation. All Cabinet told to hail victory when the whole purpose of the Brexit vote has been totally thwarted.
Another play upon the children’s story of the Emperor’s New Clothes – “The altogether now……..”
The PM is playing with fire! There are many strong feelings being expressed and people cannot be fooled all the time, although they are trying to fool some of the people some of the time.
This could easily lead into a General Election. They know the Brexiteers are not ready for that, but they could end up opening Number 10 to Corbyn. The EU knows this all too well, and their strategy has probably led May into this trap. Of course, they will bet on Labour calling for a new Referendum which will end up with the UK being clamped into EU irons again.
The EU hasn’t lost this one. They may be portrayed as losing a battle (they haven’t), but they will be banking on winning the War.
Even Gove let his tongue slip by saying, if we don’t like it, we can always change things at a General Election – a total turn coat. I almost wonder if the Tory Cabinet has been paid off to go along with this, so that the above scenario comes to pass.
Brexit was to be rid of the European Court of Justice – now to be embedded into UK Law
Brexit was to withhold the £Bns we send to the EU every year – yet now we have to pay £40Bn up front
Brexit was to  control our borders and cease free movement – now uncontrolled immigration continues with new rights for them, surpassing British Law.
Theresa “Nay” went into these negotiations with all the cards and now she has given every one of them away.
AND – agreeing to regulatory harmony to assuage the Irish problem, has now tied our hand when we try to negotiate free trade with the rest of the World.
There was always a suspicion of a Remainer trying to lead Brexit, now we know that we have been castrated!
NOW – I did mention a General Election in March, 2018…..

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