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The following is a great interview by Gerard Batten who mentions Lord Adonis’ comments on Twitter. We have a quisling House of Commons.  People are wary of Theresa May remaining as a Prime Minister.  Who would replace her?  Would JRM get Brexit through the Commons?  The second phase, trade, has been delayed.  This only leaves us 8 months to get everything sorted. The European Parliament is dismantled in March 2019. 
Theresa May is going to the EU and asking them ‘how may we leave’ – wrong!!
The 27 Member states are in a weaker position – yet we’re acting like a ‘tinpot’ country.  If we say we will move onto WTO rules…tariffs on most things are zero but high on champagne and German cars. Alternatively we could go to South Korea or Japan for cars instead. 

(Do we need any more champagne since there’s really not anything to celebrate?!! – my comments)  Enshrining the leaving date in law?  Well Gerard says that we should have repealed the European Communities Act 1972 instead.  The next government could overturn the legislation so now we need a democratic revolution.  There’s no excuse for the MPs now.  Mr. Junker has issued a report now stating that all the information the Leavers gave before the Referendum was indeed correct.  Batten says we must kick out MPs  in a peaceful revolution.  Yep.  We’re on the same page.Gerard mentions PESCO.
To listen to the short interview please click on the link:
Gerard is the only person in the political arena that tells the whole story.  THE ONLY ONE – IMHO!!  I have read his book, Road to Freedom after he gave me a signed copy almost two years ago when we shared a platform together.  Every Brexiteer should have read it because Theresa May’s government has deliberately travelled down the wrong path.  Hmm!!  Not fit for purpose.  It’s not just the rebel MPs we should be concerned about but the fact that when we’ve all written to them about PESCO there’s no apparent investigation into our claims.  

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