Fisheries Committee – 13th December, 2017

Fisheries Committee – 13th December, 2017
I listened to the last 30- 45 minutes on the catchup parliamentary channel (in the absence of finding any critique from anybody else) and I all heard was talk of imports and tariffs and at least one of the final panel of three was obviously a Remainer so I took a look at his profile on LinkedIn and what did I find?  Up until September 2016, the chap had worked for a Labour MP as a parliamentary researcher.  So after the Referendum vote when things didn’t work out how the Establishment had expected, by delaying the triggering of Article 50 this effectively allowed the Remainers 10 more months to line their ducks in a row. ​​There’s the guy facing our MPs on the Fisheries Committee and despite the chap having been a parliamentary researcher for the Labour MP, where is the scrutiny being undertaken when our elected representatives are seeking advice.  Quite frankly our MPs are falling down in areas where there is literally no excuse whatsoever.  
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