Goldman Sachs involved?

In 2006 a consortium led by Goldman Sachs offered £2.795 billion for the company.[3] As of 2010 the consortium (known as ‘Admiral’) owns the business.[4]

From 2006 until 2015, the company was owned by a consortium consisting of GS Infrastructure PartnersBorealis InfrastructureGIC, and Prudential.[5] In March 2015, Anchorage Ports LLP, an investment consortium led by the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board and Hermes Infrastructure, acquired a 33.3% interest in the business. In addition the Kuwait Investment Authorityalso purchased a 10% interest in the company.

As a result of these transactions the shareholdings in the group holding company as of 2015 were: 33.3% owned by Borealis Infrastructure, 33.3% by Anchorage Ports LLP, 23.3% by Cheyne Walk Investment Pte. Ltd (a nominated investment vehicle of GIC) and 10% by the Kuwait Investment Authority.[6]


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