Signing Article 61 Oath and Understanding



  1. Elaine Renton Reply

    Hi Carol . I went into lawful rebellion 5 months ago . I sent my signed and witnessed paper’s to my designated Baron and I am doing my best to ‘distress’ the Gov as instructed . I am campaigning , attending demos and trying to raise awareness locally not only about the realities of what May is trying to do r.e Brexit but also about the forced Islamic invasion of Britain . Do I still need to sign article 61 online ? If so , where can I find it please ?

    1. carol Post author Reply

      did you keep a copy? you shouldnt have to do it again, could you email me a copy to put on a data base? we are trying to build an army

  2. Phil Mitchell Reply

    Is there an Article 61 Oath I can sign online, without having to download print and sign? (I don’t have a Printer)

  3. Amanda Thompson Reply

    Yes I am in lawful. N I have a copy, there is a picture in dragon cafe of me with my copy n receipt of postage for the original form x

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