Template to MPs – Illegality of being taken into the EEC

Now none of the political parties/ campaign groups appear to be prepared to openly talk about the illegality of being taken into the EEC so perhaps we now need to take the bull by the horns and do something constructive.  Let’s hold the government’s feet to the fire so let’s make a stand….
A suggested letter for your MP

Mr/Mrs…………….., MP,
House of Commons,
London, SW1A OAA

Dear Mr/Mrs……… Date

UK Withdrawal from the EU

Some in Parliament seem not to have accepted the EU Referendum outcome, despite the fact that 400 out of 650 constituencies voted to leave the EU, which means removing the UK from ECJ jurisdiction.

I would appreciate your response to the questions below, with confirmation that you will not oppose or frustrate the Brexit process.

1. Do you accept that the British people have NEVER voted for the independence of their Parliament to be handed over to a foreign power, or

2. That the 1972 EC Act ran counter to our Constitutional Law, which makes it unlawful, or that

3. Lord Kilmuir advised that the1972 European Communities Act (ECA) posed a direct threat to the independence of Parliament, or

4. That MPs failed to keep their Oath to the Crown, when the Queen was made an EU citizen, through the Maastricht Treaty.

5. Are you determined that the UK shall be removed from ECJ jurisdiction? If not, then you will be failing in your duty to uphold our Constitutional Law and your Oath.

If you attempt to frustrate Brexit, then we will know the answer and you will then be open to indictment based on the above.

I look forward to receiving an assurance that you put the sovereign rights of the people above any dictates of your Party Whip and of your own political career. Please confirm that you will.

That of course means working to remove the UK from ECJ jurisdiction as soon as possible.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I look forward to hearing from you.



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