Template to Jacob Rees-Mogg – regarding Brexit

Dear Jacob Rees-Mogg

Good morning.
I am sure that you are well aware that the Brexit Community is unhappy with what is happening (and in cases what is not happening) in our Parliament.  We voted on 23rd June, 2016 to leave the European Union but we find ourselves for example, the likelihood of the ECJ being in charge of us for another 8 years after March of next year.  Governmental matters conducted of last Thursday as I understand are far from satisfactory and continue to ‘sell out’ our country and its people.
It is quite clear that our Government is not planning a real Brexit.  The transition period is merely ‘kicking the can’ further down the road.  I have previously alerted you to matters pertaining to the Comprehensive Trade Agreement and PESCO (Permanent Structured Cooperation).  Military union is a very big threat now.  You will undoubtedly be aware that we are but signed up to this agreement and indeed civil servants are including the UK’s full inclusion in a proposed exit plan.
You and your fellow MPs have continued to preside over the dismantling of the NHS, the military, the police force…..The list is endless.  Privatisation as we have seen with Carillion is not necessarily the be all and end all.
Brexiteers saw the attempted people’s arrest of Sadiq Khan for treason under Common Law of last Saturday.
I know that you are also a supporter of Common Law as you mentioned the subject at the Leave Means Leave event in October 2017 in Manchester.
Brexiteers believed in ‘Take Back Control’.  Under Common Law the people are Sovereign and not Parliament.  I believe we have no more than a year to save this nation.  I call upon you to examine your conscience and your personal faith to support and save  ‘we the people’.
As you are aware, by reverting to Common Law, we are not required to pay the EU a penny in any ‘divorce bill’.  All it now takes is for first one person to stand up for this country, to take action and others will follow.
Justice delayed is justice denied.  The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
I await your earliest response.
Kind regards

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