TEMPLATE FOR ARTICLE 61 OATH- print, sign with 3 witnesses and your address at the top, print or take a photo and send to operationbeacon.com@gmail.com







In full knowledge of treason being committed in Parliament, by delivering the Sovereign Peoples of this common law land into the hands of foreign powers, in understanding of some wrongs done by the present holder of the office of Sovereign, from whom I now transfer my allegiance, do willinglyand wholeheartedly enter into lawful rebellion, and I solemnly swear upon my Oath to obey the lords of the barons’ committee whom invoked lawful rebellion, in accordance with article 61 of Magna Carta until such times as redress of these present wrongs is achieved and for as long as the committee of the barons abide by the constitution without deviation.





Sworn and subscribed on the date of:




Signed::                                                                                                             Printed:


_________________________________                                                                   _________________________________


Witnessed by:                                                                                     Print Name:


1:_________________________________                                                                                Name:__________________________


2:_________________________________                                                                                Name:__________________________


3:_________________________________                                                                                Name:__________________________


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