This is OUR country. WE are sovereign (not parliament). WE OWN it and WE have the unencumbered right to have it as we determine.


This is OUR country.  WE are sovereign (not parliament).  WE OWN it and WE have the unencumbered right to have it as we determine.


We need a Trump in England.  But when we look around we are stumped to put a name to anyone.  On a good day you might find a couple of names  –  Farage has his supporters,  but I believe Farage is not interested in England he is interested only in Farage.  Number two might be Jacob Rees Mogg but he is a politician and we are all heartily sick to death of politicians.  They haven’t a clue how to run a country let alone protect it for the electorate they claim “voted” them to office, from all the myriad Third World, Middle Eastern and Eastern European foreigners who consider our home as their promised land.


My suggestion is that we want someone who is not in politics and who is seriously pro England.  Someone who is anti all the things that threaten England and who will fight for us to the death.  They need to be intelligent enough to think about how to make England great again, who cannot be bullied into submission by foreigners, foreign diplomats, egotists or our “British” politicians and civil servants who actively work to destroy the country that nurtured them.  Katie Hopkins gets my vote.  So why do we not start a movement to elect her as Prime Minister by public demand ?


The Queen normally asks the leader of the party that wins the election, who should be our next PM.  BUT SHE IS NOT OBLIGED TO DO THAT.  She can ask anyone she feels can do a good job as her Prime Minister for HER KINGDOM, OUR COUNTRY.  And SHE IS FREE to ask them to form a government for the best benefit of her subjects and her kingdom, not just some political moron the politicians plan will continue their fascist dictatorship.


If we can get enough people to demand who WE WANT as prime minister, the Queen is free to recognise our demand for return of our country, our freedoms and rights and our culture and to agree with it in accordance with her conscience according to Her solemnly sworn Coronation Oath and the law of Kingship.


So why do we not give it a run ?  We have nothing to loose and everything to gain.  Think seriously about that for the sake of your children and grandchildren.






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