Risks arising from UK involvement in EU Defence Union – write to your MPs, demand answers, tell them NO to Pesco

The UK has been involved in key defence union agreement since November 2016, agreements took place during 5 EU council meetings and bind participant states in, Military Finance, Command, Inteligence and Defense Industrial Planning.

MP’s and the public were initially told that UK consent was given to avoid impending the EU 27 while the UK was preparing to cease its involvement.

A trial began in Autumn 2017 and sees UK defence budget plans approved by the European Commission to fit into an EU wide structure the specialises national capabilities.

Ministers have now indicated that the UK might remain in CARD (coordination Annual Review of Defence) as well as EU battlegroups, (which places UK forces under EU council policy control) and even contribute a “partial” or “project” role in the PESCO military intergration project.

If defence agreements are written into our exit treaty it would mean a clear transfer of powers to the EU.

Its time now for everyone to write to their MPs and demand answers, tell them you know whats going on, tell the, you say NO to military Unification.



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