There is a myth that organisations like Oxfam, Save the Children and “Red Nose day” are charities. They are not. A charity relies on volunteers, voluntary donations from individuals and doing that which commercial and State activities would not otherwise do.  But the modern “charity” is predominantly State funded, has a well paid class of managers and spends millions traveling the world while paying no taxes, hardly any business rates (which cripple every other shop and business) while exploiting volunteer fund raisers and charity shop workers.  Of the circa £300m OXFAM raised in its latest accounts £184m came from the State – in the form of central and local government and the European Commission.  Red Nose Day gets a massive contribution from the British Government – probably up to 50% of the money raised. Those are not voluntary contributions they are extracted from every family in the country by force and spent (in addition to the other £13bn per annum in Overseas Aid) largely in other countries – often with disastrous effects.  The “United States Conference of Catholic Bishops” received $79m in 2014 to aid mass immigration into the USA. The Pope and the Vatican have for several years been the biggest advocate of mass migrations from the Hispanic South. They have of course not lobbied for Middle east, Scandinavian or Chinese migration – wrong religion!  Rodney Atkinson

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