We know, because the BBC tells us, that Britain has no culture and thus no indigenous multiculture, thus the BBC likes to import the exotic inhabitants of far-off lands and bring them here as exhibits in some kind of open cultural zoo to be gawked at in amusement and delight by the natives who are all white, male and very boring. Hence we get daft comments from the simple Chiles who yesterday filled his studio with Russians, Ukrainians and Armenians…he thought this was ‘very European’.  Naturally he was really meaning ‘very EU’ betraying the real mindset behind the mic. as if we didn’t already know from his numerous attacks on the ‘Far Right UKIP’ and Nazi Farage.  Would he express the same pleasure in the multi-culturalism if he had a Scotsman, a Welshman, an Irishman and an Englishman in the studio, or someone from Somerset, Norfolk and Yorkshire, or from London, Liverpool and Manchester?  All very different places, all with unique history and culture…and yet the BBC writes them all off and tells us they aren’t of any interest….Britain is a cultural desert that needs spicing up with those exotic imports.   Interested to hear Dimbleby on Any Questions describe the exotic men who committed the sex attacks in Newcastle as all being ‘South Asian’ and that there might be something wrong with their culture….apart from the fact that he just ran off a list of their actual origins, a wide variety of countries, which he seemed to forget, the one actual unifying cultural identifier was that they were mostly, if not all, Muslim…not a mention.  A problem with that culture?  No of course not.  It’s those ‘South Asians’.  Blind to the joys of British culture, blinded by the ‘joys’ of foreign cultures.  Spot any BBC bias?  List it here…..

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